Friday, July 25, 2008

Talking Toilets

I had finished my morning walk, stoppped in at the Safeway to grab some Gatorade, and was on my way back to the kits - when a loud voice startled me. I was in the back alley/drive of the shopping center that runs between it and my apartment building, and no one was visible. The disembodied voice spoke again - and I realized it was someone with a deep voice speaking on the phone, from inside a Port-a-Potty parked behind a dumpster. - I was beginning to think I was hearing voices from nowhere! With that small riddle solved, I sauntered on home to the kits.

It was in the lower 60s this morning, but the humidity was 65% - which is high for Boulder. The kits are tumbling around outside near the patio - and we had a few drops of rain yesterday afternoon. We should get a few good showers from the remains of hurricane Dolly late today - it will be most welcome. The area is looking at the driest summer on record - so far we're 6.5 inches short of rainfall, and in a semi-arid countryside, it really makes a difference.

The birds have been eating from the feeders more (due to the heat?), and a couple of the older squirrels are visiting again, besides little Ricky. Seed and peanut intake is back on the rise. My neighbor has a birdbath and waterer on her patio, so we take care of the critters between us. There were plenty of ravens around this morning when I was out walking - I do like to see those big birds!

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