Sunday, November 29, 2009

Home, home, on my Dell....

I have just returned from caring for Ooch, and am laying back in my desk chair with my feet propped on the radiator, watching Lovey and Banichi play in the sun out back. (We hope to reach 38 today, but it is nice, sunny, and bright out!) The kits were ecstatic when I arrived home at 7 yesterday evening - I fed them, put on my jammies and crawled into bed with a book. I had to visit the loo around midnight, and I had to fight the kits to get them to stay off me long enough to sit up and get out of bed. Then they both ran ahead of me and perched on the toilet seat, so I had to move them before I was able to sit down.... But they have loved me and purred, kneaded me and drooled, groomed my hair and bathed my hands and face: I think they missed me. They were pretty upset when I left to care for Ooch this morning, and were very surprised that I returned as quickly as I did. They both wanted some love, and then they wanted out into the sun; they are both sunning right now. I'm going to stay at home the rest of the day and just laze about and love the kits. - I know that some of you don't care for Tim Tebow, but it touched me when he stepped out onto the field at The Swamp yesterday for his last home game as a Gator and he began to cry. Seeing this 6+ foot, 200+ pound tough guy cry was an experience not to be missed. - The Japan Cup was run yesterday, and yet another lady won a super race; Vodka, a five-year-old Japanese bred mare, won by a mere whisker in the mile and a half turf classic. Barbaro, the Kentucky Derby hero, has two full brothers in training. Lentenor started in his second race yesterday, and finished second, for trainer Michael Matz. - I hope to get back into my usual research mode for the next 3 weeks, and be able to add a little something to all of the family trees I'm working on. Other than walking Rosie and Remy, I have nothing scheduled until the day after Christmas, so I hope to be able to accomplish a little in other areas. Have a super end to your weekend!

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