Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Clean Bill of Health

Yesterday I saw Dr. Ryan to get my regular high blood pressure medication renewed. The nurse took my temperature and blood pressure and pulse and weighed me. Then I saw Colleen, and since more than half of her patients were no-shows, we chatted. She noted that I hadn't had a complete physical since before Jeff's death, and talked me into getting one done. That happened at 8:20 this morning - I've gained one-half of a pound since last year's visit, and my BP was a few points higher this morning, and, as usual, my temperature was more than 2 degrees below "normal" - 96.3. Other than waiting for the blood work results, I was given a clean bill of health, even though I am overweight.

The kits snuggled closer than usual last night, thanks to a newly received afghan from Kathryn in Florida. Our high today is forecast at 11 degrees, with a low tonight of -5; and it's snowing, as well. Still the fine, dry powder type of snow - we're to get 2 to 6 inches by midnight; the mountains to the west and south will be getting 2 to 3 feet. And, as I was going out the door this morning, the weatherman stated that our storm system now has Weather Warnings, Watches, and Alerts covering over 750,000 square miles. ... Mick Kinane, the Irish jockey who rode Sea the Stars this year to a championship in Europe, is retiring along with the three-year-old colt. Summer Bird, who won the Belmont Stakes this year, has had successful surgery for a break in his left cannon bone. ... I hope to get my long-distance Christmas packages in the mail before or by Friday afternoon. I'll be writing Christmas cards tonight. ... Stay warm, comfortable, happy and safe!

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