Monday, April 26, 2010

Aiko, Yoshi, and Lovey

* Sigh * I have no access to the internet at Aiko and Yoshi's. At the moment I'm visiting Lovey at my place - we've spent two hours cuddling, and now she's on a mission to catch a bee that's visiting clover flowers outside. I hope she doesn't get stung. - I'm still having repetitive nightmares about critters suddenly pouring blood...
Aiko and Yoshi weren't thrilled with their first walk yesterday - until I turned them loose with Suki and Boo. Yoshi was still a little timid, but Boo made the classic "Will you play with me?" dog bow, and Aiko had a blast chasing her. Then Suki got into the game, and was chasing Aiko, who was chasing Boo. Yoshi just looked concerned and sat at my feet. I hadn't looked at a weather forecast since Friday morning, so I was surprised when it snowed last night. It started out as rain, then changed to snow and placed a nice coverlet of about an inch over everything. It's all gone now, except the mud Lovey keeps tracking across my chest.
Have a good week!

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