Wednesday, June 30, 2010

95 Degrees Outside

It's 95 degrees outside, and Lovey and Neddy are cooling themselves on the patio. I have the fan on, and am very comfortable in shorts and a T with the window and patio door open. It doesn't seem possible that tomorrow is the first of July - I'm booked to be at other houses for all but 6 days/nights of the month. At least this first batch of 6 days will allow Lovey and Neddy to be with me, so I won't be running like mad back to the apartment to check on them. The last two-plus weeks, I'll be at Aiko and Yoshi's and then at Rosie and Remy's (the Rs into August)... Kathy will be by later tonight to pick the kits and me up and get us settled at her house. She and Jim are going to help with the annual butterfly count in the Rockies tomorrow, and then late tomorrow afternoon, they'll stop back by the house, and load up their stuff to head for Durango for the holiday weekend. I'll also be keeping watch on Lizzie and Maggie a few doors down from Suki and Boo at the same time. And I'm due at Karen's house at 7 in the morning to go over her usual routine with her chickens - I'll be watching them, the 2 cats, the 2 gerbils, and the mouse at the same time I'm taking care of Aiko and Yoshi. (Luckily, the houses are located back to back in the neighborhood.) I will try to blog every day while we're at Suki and Boo's, but I can't guarantee that it will happen, so don't worry if I miss a couple of days here and there.
Neddy has discovered, as all cats do (sooner or later), that stolen food tastes best. He grabbed some corned beef hash last night, and was highly excited to "find" a deliberately dropped small piece of ham the other day. You could almost see his chest puff up with self-importance. He stills takes a bite of any Jello that I offer him, but he seems to like strawberry best. I'm making sure that Lovey receives as much, or more, attention as Neddy gets.
And, to end June, it has just been reported that the Boulder police are searching for a "leprechaun" in the grocery store parking lot here by my apartment. According to reports, someone dressed as a leprechaun is jumping out from in between parked cars and is alternately waving or saluting to people, while the next set of folks he sees are treated to obscene gestures - what can I say? It's Boulder....

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