Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Flicker Rescue

It's another warm day. Neddy is stretched out on the desk, while Lovey just returned inside and laid down on the cool tile floor. Lovey caught a huge blue dragonfly after dusk last night, then brought it inside for Neddy to kill - I guess she's decided she needs to train him well in all of the usual kitty pursuits. When I was ready to retire last night, I had to chase both of them down outside - as soon as I touch the patio door, they both run outside as fast as they can. Neddy isn't ready to climb a tree yet, but Lovey is definitely showing him how to do it.
I had a lovely walk with Remy and Rosie yesterday - we met a few other canines out walking early, and the Rs were very well behaved. While we were visiting Suki and Boo at the end of the walk, I was able to perform my good deed of the day: the Rs were chasing squirrels in the front line of trees, and I heard some very agitated birds by the irrigation ditch, so I went over to check things out. A young flicker had fallen into the ditch, and the current kept sweeping it along, and under, the water, while the parents flew above and cried in distress. This alerted Suki and Boo, who decided to try getting a bite of the young bird - but I chased them off, then made a basket of my hands, and swept the youngster out of the water. It took about a minute for it to recover, and to begin gripping my fingers with it's toes. Once it was alert, I placed it on a low branch in the willow tree, and both parents joined it. They flew off together about 15 minutes later, so I felt good about the rescue.

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