Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mosby, Neddy, and Shoes

Neddy just erased an entire blog when he walked across the keyboard and sat on the mouse. Oh, well. He has discovered the yard, but feels safer on the patio. He and Lovey have started to play chase, so they are interacting a little more; and they both slept on the same side of me last night, but not touching one another. I'm currently reading a very good biography of John Singleton Mosby, written by James A. Ramage. As some of my husband's ancestral relatives (cousins) rode with the Gray Ghost of the Confederacy, and since I'm pretty familiar with the area where Mosby operated, I find the book fascinating.
There will be a partial eclipse of the moon on Saturday, June 26, and I'm looking forward to seeing it. That's the weekend I'll be spending with Brandi, and the day we'll visit the Midsummer Scandinavian Festival up in Estes Park. My summer shoes from Lands End arrived yesterday, and I'm very happy with them. They fit (finding 6 1/2 wides that do fit are unusual), they are light weight and breathable, and they are even (partially) made from recycled plastic bottles. I purchased a pair of ballerina flats and Mary Jane Trekkers; I wore both for long walks yesterday, and I am very much satisfied. I highly recommend them! (Especially as they cost less than $20 per pair!) I've worn my last pair of Lands End shoes for over 5 years, and am still happy with the old ones, too.

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