Friday, October 14, 2011

Fumble Fingers Strikes Again

Poor Lilly!  She always has the demeanor of someone who is persecuted - she tries not to be seen, and shuns excess attention.  Last night, as she danced in front of me for her supper, I dropped the other two ceramic bowls on either side of her.  Since they landed on a tile floor, and broke loudly, she disappeared for two hours before deciding it was safe to get her supper.  This morning, she was eager for breakfast, but she heard the bowls clink on each other, and she ran again.  I feel awful about having frightened her.  The two youngsters had a ball in the back yard yesterday, and Tessa made herself the baby sitter.  It was fun to watch!

Lovey is laying across my chest and purring up a storm.  Nedi is soaking up the sun.  I've been watching the Denver station regarding their "Occupy Wall Street" demonstration.  People have been peacefully gathering there for several days.  Both the Governor and Mayor say that these people have the right to free speech, and the right to gather in this protest.  The problem is the lack of sanitation arrangements and the fact that it is illegal to camp in the public parks in downtown overnight. After five days, it was announced that the parks would be closed at 11 p.m. as per Denver law, and that anyone caught sleeping in tents would be detained and/or arrested.  They kept warning people periodically, and a little after 3 a.m., state troopers and police in riot gear moved in.  There were 24 folks who were detained by the officers because they were blocking one of the main thoroughfares down town.  I saw no signs of violence - the police advanced in step, and others picked up all the sleeping bags, tents, etc. that were left behind.  -  The Boulder version of "Occupy Wall Street" is due to start tomorrow, at the One Boulder Plaza building, which is only one block from the RTD bus station downtown. - And that may cause some problems with my transport beginning Monday evening, when I come home from Lynn's house.....   And I'm starting to get excited about visiting my friends in Florida later this month. 

Do you remember all the brouhaha surrounding Legionnaire's Disease?  A hotel in Ocean City, Maryland has closed because three of their guests developed that dreaded respiratory ailment.  One has died.  Where's all the media attention now?   ....  Northampton County, the southern county on Virginia's Eastern Shore, has approved a wind farm to be built by Poseidon Atlantic.   The wind turbines will be both on land, and off shore, and some will rise to the height of 700 feet.  Northampton has also approved a solar array in the northern part of the county.  ....  Even after the rain from Hurricane Irene and tropical storm Lee, the deep swamp fires in the Great Dismal Swamp are still burning.  ....  And a video of a horse named Here Comes Frazier is being shown on the web as a "funny" video clip, showing the rider falling off into the infield.  Here Comes Frazier was a very promising two-year-old colt.  He had never been challenged in his previous races, but a horse was charging up on his outside coming down the stretch in his last race.  Jockey Julien Leparoux hit Here Comes Frazier with his riding crop (or whip) on the right shoulder.  It was the first time the colt had ever been hit - and he veered sharply to the left, running into and bouncing off the rail.  This caused the jockey to loose his seat, landing in the infield, and injuring his right hand.  From running into the rail, Here Comes Frazier broke his tibia at his hock joint in multiple places.  He had surgery yesterday, which the vets described as "successful."  If he doesn't founder, he might even be able to return to racing.  None of this is mentioned in the video clip.....

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