Saturday, October 22, 2011


I have to admit I was very puzzled this morning when I read the newspaper headline, "Cornhole Tourney to Raise Funds for Patient."  I was brought up believing that a "cornhole" was a person's rectum - at least, that's what Mom usually called it.   I read the article and laughed at the construction of one sentence, that stated the patient found out he needed a liver transplant "after going to the hospital jaundiced with chest pains."  I had no idea that chest pains could cause jaundice!  -  In any event, I found out that a Cornhole Tourney was a bean bag tossing game....  Then, my local paper identified the body in Boulder Creek, at the north end of my apartment house.  When found, the description given was "a white male, in his 50s." It turns out that he was 38, and has lived in both Boulder and Broomfield.  This second press release also stated that a gun was found near the man's body.  According to the reporter, "Asked if police consider the death suspicious, Kobel (the Boulder PD spokesperson) said there is no public danger."  Why does that answer bother me?  Maybe because it didn't answer the question?

I didn't blog yesterday evening because I was so drained after Jim Cunningham's Memorial Service. It was a very good service, in which we celebrated Jim's life, looked at photos, and shared reminiscences.  Then it was food, drink, and fun time.  I kept refilling the punch bowl, and the cookie and cake platters, as well as the fruit and veggie and dip bowls, while Connie kept the cheese and crackers going.  And we talked to family and friends  - and Andy, Bernie and Jim's son, got a kick out of telling people that I had called him "Bernie" yesterday morning....  And I had, so I didn't care.  I was walking Rosie and Remy past the Cunningham house, and I saw a pair of legs in jeans at the shed door.  A maple tree was blocking the rest of my view, and then I saw Chama, the neighbor's dog run up to the door, with her tail wagging furiously. So I called out, "Is that you, Miss Bernie?"  At which time Andy stepped forward so that I could see him, and said, "I hope not!"  Then I told him that he couldn't be Bernie because his hair was the wrong color...  and we laughed.  It was nice to be able to meet him before the service, since I already knew his sister and nieces.

Yesterday, Black Caviar, the Australian mare, added to her winning ways by being first under the wire for the 15th straight time. Unfortunately, she will not be running in the Breeders Cup at Churchill Downs next month.  .... And Daisy Devine, who last won the Fair Grounds Oaks back in March, was switched to the turf for yesterday's Pin Oak Valley View Stakes at Keeneland.  She was sent off at 43-to-1 odds - and she won, coming along the rail under jockey Calvin Borel.  She paid $89 for a $2 win ticket.  (Now, that's a nice profit!)  ....  Zazu, the gorgeous grey filly sired by Tapit, will not be running in the Breeders Cup Ladies Classic as planned.  She has developed inflammation in her right shoulder and will get a 90 day vacation from work.  ....  And Awesome Gem, the 8-year-old gelding, who has raced in the last 4 Breeders Cups, will not compete this year.  Instead, he'll be pointing towards  next year, when he will continue to race as a 9-year-old.  He's already won $2.7 million in his career so far.

Have a great weekend!

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