Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Colorado Democratic Caucus Tonight

It stayed windy all of yesterday (grrrrrr!) - but Remy, Rosie and I had a good walk.  Only 20 minutes for Remy, but then Rosie and I explored a pathway that we hadn't been down before, and found some beautiful houses.  Then I got myself discombobulated on the way back - I couldn't figure out why we hadn't passed Sasquatch and Tugger's house; I finally looked down at the street, and realized it was concrete, not asphalt.  That's when I realized I was on Quince and not Redwood - only one block off.  At least I knew the neighborhood was familiar, and that the next cross road was 19th....
  Finn did not sleep last night - he barked every 10 to 20 minutes all night long.  He started at 10:30, and I checked the outside CCTVs, saw nothing, and allowed him out.  Once he came back in, I bolted the doggie door again.  Five minutes later, he started barking again.  He'd climb in bed with me, lay down next to me, and then plop a paw on my arm; I'd tell him  "No" and move him off the bed.  (He's allowed to sleep with me, but not keep poking and prodding me.) Finally, at 2 a.m., I closed him into his doggie room; but he continued to bark until I got up at 5:30 this morning....  Skippy, meanwhile, was his usual silent self.
   The kits are outside in the sunshine, and can stay out for a while... I have a 10:00 appointment with Dr. Shapiro, and then I'll head back to Finn and Skippy's until tonight's caucus.  Both Lovey and Nedi have been extremely loving, and I'll be very happy to return home to them tomorrow night, after giving them a quick visit tomorrow morning.  The weather folks are now saying we'll just be cold during the day tomorrow, and that sleet and snow are possible tomorrow evening, with snow Thursday morning.  We didn't get anything but a couple of flurries from the last snow that was predicted, so we'll see.  I'll take my heavy coat, but not my snow boots, back to Finn's.
   We keep hearing all about the Republican caucuses and primaries - I was quite surprised to receive notice that tonight is the Democratic caucus meeting.  Boulder has new precinct numbers, and I have to go to a different meeting place on CU campus than last time.  There have been NO democratic presidential ads on our local stations; there has been one letter of recommendation for one of the people running for County Commissioner.  But that is all the campaign stuff going on.  I received a robo-call last week, "reminding" me of tonight's Caucus, and an e-mail today.  There has been one mention of the Caucus in the local newspaper.  I guess that with today being the Super Tuesday for Republicans, and all the flak caused by Rush Limbaugh, that the Democrats have fallen through the cracks...

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