Monday, March 26, 2012

Macho Monday

The kits are out on the patio, after each has received an extra-special long love session this morning.  I spent the night with Rosie and Remy, and have since taken care of Brandi, Rascal, Twister, Tinkerbell, Obsidian, and the hens.  I haven't seen VT in a few days, so I'll need to call him and let him know I've reached Stalin's Purges of 1937 and '38 in my history of Russia.  I must say that Sixsmith's history is very interesting, but I occasionally wish he would go into a little more detail.  (I realize that with 600+ pages of history, one has to be careful of not going into too much detail - but it just means I'll be looking up further information to answer questions that some of his statements have raised.)  I had forgotten that Lenin had survived an assassination attempt, and lived the rest of his life with the bullets still inside his body.  And I really enjoy the way the author pulls out interviews with relatives of famous novelists and composers, plus using released "secret" papers from 40+ years ago to show what was really happening.  It's a fascinating read....

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