Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snow (Finally) ... And Tim Tebow

I hadn't planned on going out at all today - but when I got up and saw less than an inch of snow on the ground, I went on ahead and walked over to the bakery for a fresh, warm blueberry whole wheat bagel. It's 18 degrees outside; the humidity is at 86%. Earlier, when I first went out, the snow was falling as very fine powder - you couldn't see individual flakes, but the wind blew them behind my glasses, so I could feel them. Snow is now falling in large flakes, so that I can sit at my desk and see it coming down at a 45-degree slant from the north. At the beginning of the late news cast last night, reporters said the streets in Boulder were wet, and that would cause ice under the snow this morning... I went out and looked, and my patio and Folsom Street and the front parking lot were as dry as a desert bone. I awoke around 3:30, and the edge of my patio was beginning to look damp. At 6, as I wrote before, there was less than an inch on the ground. There are about two inches out there right now, and the fall has intensified. Yeah!!! We're finally getting real snow! The ski resorts have gotten more than 12 inches of white stuff since yesterday afternoon...
  Lovey and Nedi have both been outside; Lovey has wandered out twice, but Nedi played in the falling snow, and came back inside with a wet coat. I already had a towel waiting for him, and was able to give him a quick wrap and dry. Lovey is curled up on top of my snow hat and scarf, while Nedi is curled up in the cat tree, looking at the falling snow. I've placed a pile of pecans in one chair and a pile of peanuts in the other, just in case any of the squirrels decide to forage this morning. The patio door is not open. As soon as I finish this, I'll start up the Crock Pot and let the beans, ham, pepper and spices simmer all day.
  As a fan of Tim Tebow, both as a football player and as a human being, I am frustrated with his position with the New York Jets. Tebow was on the Injured Reserve list with broken ribs the weekend that Sanchez was benched and McElroy was named as the starter. After Monday night's game, which the Jets lost, 10 - 14, and after Sanchez had committed his 50th lost fumble, Coach Ryan decided yesterday to bench Sanchez again. The player listed as the number two quarterback on the depth list is Tim Tebow. Whom did Ryan name as the starter? McElroy. What a tremendous slap in the face! When Tebow was "up for grabs" after John Elway signed Peyton Manning last spring, the Jacksonville Jaguars wanted to hire him. Or, should I say, the Jags owner really wanted to sign Tebow, but the coaching staff was luke-warm to the idea. The Jets and Coach Ryan, however, seemed to want Tebow to come and play and be a contributing member of the team. Tebow decided that the Jets would be the best pick. After that awful expose in the Jets' locker room, where teammates called Tebow "terrible", but wouldn't allow their names to be used, I was ticked off. I have watched each and every Jets game this season, just in the hopes of seeing Tebow play. This past Monday night, he was sent on field in the quarterback position twice - he threw an incomplete pass, and was sacked the second time for a two-yard loss. That's all he was allowed to play... I do realize that professional football is a business. I realize that just because a player gets a contract, it doesn't mean that he is automatically a starter. But you need to allow your players to prove themselves before you just write them off. Coach Ryan's decision stinks.

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