Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cats, Dogs and ...Vikings

Tugger seems to be doing much better - he's still eating slowly, but he ran around the house and played several times yesterday, so I was very happy. Sasquatch just wants to consume anything and everything edible, but he's on a restricted diet, with his pancreatitis... Rosie and Remy had a blast this morning playing with Boo; and my kits were delighted when I arrived home this morning. Nedi is sunning on the patio, while Lovey is sunning in the cat tree. It's 55 degrees outside, and I'm in shorts and a T-shirt; the patio door is half-way open, and I have the window cracked. I want to make the most of the low 60s temperature forecast for this afternoon, as they say we'll be getting rain and snow tomorrow afternoon and Tuesday. The forecast models have been wildly different - some say an inch of snow, some say 8 inches... I guess I'll just wait and see, as always.
   Boulder has decided to celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, May 4th, the day of the Kentucky Derby. So, for once, I won't be celebrating Earth Day... I'll just be having my own Kentucky Derby party. This up-coming weekend, I'll be staying with the yellow girls - Sadie and Lucy - from Thursday through Sunday. I agreed to stay at the house until the owners returned from California, not knowing that the final episode of Vikings would be on when they are due to return. I hope that I'm able to see every minute of it. I know that I can watch it again on the History Channel's website - but I like to watch it on TV....

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