Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Florence, Italy; Wind River Reservation, Wyoming

May is winding down, and Boulder is having light rain showers. The temperature is in the upper 50s, and Nedi and Lovey are delighting in shaking rain and mud all over the keyboard and monitor as I try to type this.  If the rain lets up, like the weathermen say, around noon, I'll take Rosie out walking then.  The rain was coming down pretty heavily at our usual walk time this morning, so I called and delayed the walk time.  Rosie hates walking in the rain - I just pull on my rubber boots and go...    Lovey has multiple scratch scabs all over her tummy, from fighting with Kiki, the pale orange cat in B building.  Thank goodness that Nedi just hisses and runs!  One fighter is enough in the family.  And the kits are unsettled because my neighbor of 5 years, Chris, has moved out, and the maintenance man, Jim, is working next door, with all kinds of unexpected sounds that are very loud.
   I have really enjoyed reading the last few books - especially Dan Brown's Inferno (the latest Robert Langdon mystery/thriller)  and Margaret Coel's Buffalo Bill's Dead Now, a Wind River Reservation mystery.  Both books took intensive research and both of them grabbed me and wouldn't let me stop reading until I finished each book.  There were unexpected twists and turns in each story, and I highly recommend both of them.  As usual, Inferno has the characters running about in Europe, seeking clues and answers.  The majority of Margaret Coel's book takes place in and around the Wind River Rez in Wyoming, with some glimpses back in time (1890) seeing The Wild West Show in Europe.  They are super books.
Here are a few places mentioned in each book:
Il Duomo in Florence, Italy

The Ponte Vecchio in Florence

Death mask of Dante Alighieri

Part of the 2.2 million acre Wind River Reservation

St. Stephen's Mission on the Wind River Reservation

Farm on the Wind River Reservation.  Photo used by courtesy of the Northern Arapaho Tribe.

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