Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day! - Wildfire Update

Happy Fathers Day to all who qualify for that title - genetic or not!  Dad allowed me to to do things that Mom thought were too daring - I always remember Mom asking, "But what if she gets hurt?"  Dad's response was always a shrug and a smile, and, "If she gets hurt, she might learn a lesson - but why curtail her fun and experience?"  Dad always let me go with loose reins, as long as he felt I wouldn't receive any lasting harm.  He taught me how to track, hunt, and fish.  He also taught me how to sit very quietly - in a meadow, in the woods, along running water and the ocean - and let wildlife reveal itself.  I remember being amazed the first time I saw a field mouse gathering food, and a bird gathering nesting materials.  He also taught me about engines, building things, how to paint and mow, and tons of other usable and practical information that I have employed throughout my life.  My Dad passed away suddenly when I was 24 - which was 33 years ago.  It doesn't seem possible....   Thank you, Daddy, for everything.
Colorado Wildfires Update -
   The Big Elk Meadows fire in Rocky Mountain National Park  has burned 496 acres and is reported at 60% containment.  Currently, the fire is burning a lot of dead, beetle-killed forest.
   The La Veta - Klikus, Bergen Rock, and Beaver Creek fires are completely contained.
   The Royal Gorge fire has burned 3,218 acres and is now 85% contained. No homes were lost, but 48 of 52 park buildings were lost, including the railway terminals and the aerial tram.  However, the Royal Gorge Railway began running again yesterday.  It is open for business.
    The Ward Gulch - Rifle Mountain Park fire has grown to 682 acres and is 15% contained.  Rifle Gap has been closed to boat traffic, to avoid casualties; and both Rifle Falls Park and Rifle Mountain Park are closed to the public.
    The West Fork fire is located in Mineral County in the Weminuche Wilderness Area.  It has burned over 2,000 acres and there is no containment.
    The Black Forest fire has now destroyed 483 homes and burned 15,702 acres.  It is 55% contained.  Some evacuations are still in effect, while others are being allowed to visit the remains of their belongings.  So far, the human fatality number is still only two.

   Today is cooler than it has been this past week, and there is a chance of showers this afternoon/evening.  Let's hope the rain falls in plentiful measure, without any lightning.

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