Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cats and Wildlife

How nice to sleep with my kits last night!  Then they were upset with me when I wouldn't let them outside to roam before I headed back to Cooper and Lola's.  Lovey and Nedi got to go out once I returned from walking Rosie, and I haven't yet closed the patio door.  We're up around 91 degrees, and I have both fans running, as usual.  Bob, the neighbor's cat from three doors down, has been in and out since the first hour that I returned.  ...  But I've paid all my bills, and had a nice nap about noon.  I'll have to check the bus schedule to see when I need to leave to go feed and walk everyone again this evening.
  I took some fresh organic catnip to Pounce and Tipsy yesterday.  Found out that Pounce doesn't have the catnip gene, but Tipsy does.  Tipsy was hysterically funny as he got "high" for the first time.  He rolled in the greenery; he ate it; he started swiping all the food bowls, and made them travel all around the area.  Then he flopped over - but suddenly jumped up, and ran like a rocket around all four floors of the house (I could hear him on the stairs).  It certainly was a most spectacular reaction to catnip.
  We have a treed momma black bear, along with her two cubs, about a mile away from my apartment, up on University Hill.  They were first spotted early this morning.  Police and Department of Wildlife folks are keeping sight-seers at a distance, and are pretty sure that the family will head back into the Foothills around dusk this evening. ....  Alexy has been enjoying watching the hummingbirds at her nectar feeder on the back porch. ....  Getting out and about so early, I've been able to observe multiple cottontail rabbits, does and fawns, a single fox, and tons of squirrels and various birds.  What's funny is that the raven family that lives nearby has apparently passed the word that I'm not a menace - I can walk through a murder of them, and, as long as I cluck my tongue occasionally, they completely ignore me.  But if someone else approaches, or a vehicle starts to drive by, the entire flock is a-wing.

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