Monday, September 16, 2013

Flood Water Photos

Boulder Creek, 300 feet south of my apartment on Folsom Street

A mule deer, trying to avoid people and flood waters

House at the corner of Upland Avenue and 19th Street

Underneath the blue "Broadway" sign is the walkway I usually use to walk to the Public Library - the pathway will accommodate 10 bicyclists and 6 pedestrians moving abreast

This is 26th Street at the top of Topaz Drive, taken from the top of Agate Drive, looking north - Kathy and Jim's house is the sixth house back; and the water was only covered 15 feet of the corner of their yard.

Kudos to our US Mail Carrier, Mike Posniewsky, who managed to deliver everyone's mail every single day!
The water slammed the residents', across the street, two vehicles together...

Close look at what's left of Topaz Drive, east of my sister and brother-in-law's home

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