Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Busy, I Am

Do any of you remember the lyrics the White Rabbit sand in Disney's Alice in Wonderland?  "...I run, and then I hop, hop, hop; I wish that I could fly.  There's danger if I dare to stop,...." That's why I haven't written anything in the blog lately - I'm in a frantic stew....  Lynn asked me to care for her critters and house "in late August" when she went to New York City, but didn't give me a specific date.     Turns out, it starts today - although I don't consider this "late" August.  So instead of going home tonight and sleeping with my kits when Steve returns to be with Tugger, I'll be heading over to Tessa, Lily and Lyra.  I just looked at my calendar and realized that I won't sleep in my own bed again until the 26th of this month....  Rats.   If you're a friend, and are trying to reach me, e-mail is the best way until I get back home....
  Tugger has adjusted to the loss of his littermate - he pestered me, crying constantly, and searching, for the first 36 hours I was here.  The vet had told his folks to put Sasquatch's beds, etc, away, where Tugger wouldn't be able to smell them.  It turned out that what Tugger wanted was his brother's beds, so he could lie in them and remember his brother.  He's spent the last week sleeping under my hand, in his brother's bed.  He's a sweetie.
  SInce I'll be with Tessa, Rosie will enjoy our walks tremendously, because she'll be able to take a swim in the koi pond on a daily basis.  Rosie certainly loves the water!  Tessa will step onto the waterfall, but she doesn't like to swim.
  I've been so caught up with business and with Pony Penning that I hadn't realized that pre-season pro football was starting.  I watched the Giants and Bills Sunday night, and I'm looking forward to the Broncos and Seahawks tomorrow night.  I hope that the outcome of this game will be slightly different than the Superbowl!  And I found out that my satellite TV provider will have the SEC Network available, so I can revel in the best college football in the world - even though I'm in Colorado!  (Sorry, CU!)
   I have a doctor's appointment this morning, then will walk Rosie over to see Tessa; back to Tugger's and then off to meet new clients who are leaving for France on the 12th; then back to Tugger's and over to Tessa's.  Have to fit in a visit to the library, and home to my kits, as well. Then feed Tugger at 5, and Tessa and the kits at 6; give Tugger his meds at 7:30; and then go spend the night with Tessa, et al...  I feel like I've been running in place for the past three weeks -  
   But at least I have plenty of reservations, all the way through next April.  I think I'll be able to afford my week in Chincoteague next summer!

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