Sunday, August 24, 2014

Catching Up

I'm finally checking back in...  David Gregory has left NBC and Meet the Press.  There's been a 6.0 earthquake in Napa Valley, California early this morning.  The Pro Cycling Challenge will end today with a ride from the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder to downtown Denver, after a trip up and down lookout Mountain.
At 8 am this morning, I had taken care of four houses full of pets and had taken a client to the Denver Airport and had returned home.  I'm tired again.
  I've been loving Lovey and Nedi like mad - they both are demanding attention, and I don't blame them.  I'll return home on Tuesday night, the second of September to sleep in my own bed.  Then I'm taking the following week off - no dog walks, no house sitting, no nothing - except being at home with my kits.  And that Saturday I'll be home is the first CU home game here in Boulder - so things will work out nicely.  And all of the local cable and satellite companies are carrying the SEC Network, so I can get my fill of good college football.
  Let's see, what else is going on...  I turned on the TV yesterday in time to see the post parade for the Ballerina Stakes at Saratoga yesterday afternoon, and I chose the filly that led the line - # 1 - Artemis Agrotera, as my winner.  And she won.  Then I watched the lead-in and the post parade for the Travers Stakes, also known as the Midsummer Derby; the colts people were talking about were considered the "Big 3" - Bayern, Tonalist and Wicked Strong.  I thought Wicked Strong looked the best of those three, but I chose V. E. Day as my winner...  And he won, with Wicked Strong in second.  Tonalist finished third, and Bayern, after a very fast first mile, was last.  I haven't lost my eye, yet.
   ISIS has beheaded an American journalist, after the US refused to pay a $132 million ransom demand.  They are threatening to kill another innocent American soon, and are also mouthing off about attacking cities and sites in our country.  I feel very badly for the family of the man killed, and the family of the man being threatened; but I cannot condone paying ransom to a militant jihadist group. I feel that our country is correct in refusing to pay ransom for citizens.
   The Broncos beat the Seahawks in their first pre-season game; they blanked the 49ers at their new stadium for the 49er's home opener.  Last night, the Broncos were rocked by a last minute touchdown and 2 point conversion by the Texans - after they had injured Wes Welker in the last minutes of the first half.  This caused the usually quiet and even-tempered Peyton Manning to go face-to-face with a defensive player, and the Broncos were penalized 15 yards for "taunting."  The final score was Texas 18, Broncos 17.
  Starting Tuesday (in 2 days), I'll be staying at one house and taking care of the critters there, walking Rosie as usual, and visiting my kits as much as possible.  Then I have four days of walking Rosie, and then I have 8 full days and nights of freedom...  and I plan on spending most of that time with my kits, at home.

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