Monday, June 1, 2015

Carnival Season on the Eastern Shore

Yesterday I had a wonderful time watching young cottontail rabbits playing together, and squirrels chasing and playing with each other.  But, on my way back to Tess' in the afternoon, I saw something that made me cry.  Two young squirrels were running across a three-lane road.  One made it safely, the other didn't.  It seemed to take a glancing blow, but was dead immediately.  The survivor ran back into the street several times, avoiding traffic, and tried in vain to get the other to join him/her.  The dead one was not messily squashed - it looked like it was asleep in the middle of the road.  The survivor kept using a paw on the fallen one's shoulder, as if it were trying to awaken the other one.  I saw it go to the dead one five separate times, and try to get the fallen one to join it.  It was so sad….  I don't know if they were litter mates, friends, a courting couple, or what.  All I know was that the death of one little squirrel made the rest of my day mirthless.
   Race horse California Chrome, who is now in England, has a younger full-blood sister.  The filly was supposed to appear  in her first race on 15 May, but was scratched due to illness - a virus, says her trainer.  The youngster is now scheduled to have her first race on June 15.
  The fourth annual Tall Ships at Cape Charles will be taking place in two weeks time  - the 13 and 14 of June.  I'd certainly be there, if I were closer than Colorado.  More information can be found at:    There are all sorts of cultural, educational and heritage visits that can be made on the Eastern Shore in the summer.  And most of the Volunteer Fire Companies in Virginia and Maryland are holding their fund-raising Carnivals between now and Labor Day…  Please support our local Fire Fighters and EMT crews by visiting their Carnival, and contributing to the local economies.
   I also highly recommend Captain Barry's Back Bay Cruises from Chincoteague - both the daylight and evening cruises - and Captain Dan's Pony Tours from Chincoteague.   Barry Frishman is my favorite Captain and tour guide - and he's very hands-on and knowledgeable, and everyone has fun on his trips and tours.  If you only want to see ponies, birds, and dolphins the go out with Captain Dan.

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