Tuesday, May 17, 2016

17 May

It's a little after one in the afternoon here in Boulder.  The date is 17 May.  Our usual average temperature is 72 degrees (F).  It's currently 45 degrees - and what the Scots call a "soft day," with overcast skies, clouds hiding the mountains, and an almost constant mist of rain.
   Since the weather is keeping my mood down, I've been concentrating on the animals I care for.  Each one has different personality traits, and they all react to the weather in their own way.  Tess never wants to go out and go to the bathroom unless she's ill; getting her outside in rain is like pulling hens' teeth.   She doesn't like to poop in her own yard, and will very reluctantly pee here.  If I take her out into the front yard, she will happily pee by the mailbox, but wants to move two houses down (in either direction) to poop.  She won't wear a rain coat, and she refuses to step outside if it's visibly or audibly raining.  She will go outside under the cover of a large golf umbrella - but she refuses to "go." The dog must have cast-iron doors that she locks down -  I could never hold my stuff for as long as she does....
    The cats all have it easy, as they have litter boxes available at all times.  My kits do not like thunder, and seek cover under a bed, or behind the toilet fixtures.  Lyra runs to the window to see what made the big noise, while Lily just ignores it.  Pounce also ignores it, but Tipsi  goes into the laundry room in the basement.
    The Brittany Spaniels don't seem to care whether it's raining or not - but Roxie doesn't want to go out if the sprinkler system is on.  Finnie, on the other hand, seems to love running through the water sprays.  Finnie is rather scatter-brained, but she hones in on prey, and it's difficult to get her to break her point unless you can flush what she's pointing.  Sometimes it's a squirrel in a tree, and the squirrel won't move - so one needs to use treats and re-direction.
    Cooper, the English Springer Spaniel, doesn't mind the rain at all - he seems to revel in it; especially when it comes to shaking his body next to his walker.  Lola, the German Shepherd mix, is completely different.  She will run outside into the rain, chasing Cooper, but as soon as she realizes it's raining, she's back inside.  She still hasn't totally recovered from her abuse, and it usually takes a few hours before we can make eye contact...  But she's a good girl, even though she has a ferocious bark.
   Rosie.  My dear. sweet Rosie. She has had her 14th birthday, and is very grey around her muzzle.  Her hind legs have lost a great deal of muscle, and sometimes collapse on her.  She feels no pain, according to the vets, simply can't feel her hind end anymore.  She gets acupuncture treatments every two weeks, along with deep-muscle laser therapy, and she now gets thyroid medication every day.  Rosie detests getting wet in the rain - but she loves to swim...  I always think that's a strange contradiction - but, then, that's Rosie.  A month ago I thought we'd lose her before the end of the summer - with her thyroid meds, she has visibly perked up and seems to be alert and eager.  Maybe we can keep her going for another year....

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