Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Reaction to Headlines

I really think what is published or shared as news  is not news at all - that's why I choose to write a blog; it's my opinion, and it only matters to me - but I enjoy sharing it.  These are 10 "headlines" from my news page, and my reactions when I read them.  And please keep in mind that I'm an out-of-the-mainstream-loop  60 year old who is considered by many to be a bleeding-heart liberal Democrat.  (I just consider myself a 60-year-old Democrat female curmudgeon.)

1.  This Is What Happened to All the Important People in O J Simpson's Life  (Los Angeles Times) -  Who cares?  Simpson is in prison, now a convicted felon.  I never knew him personally, although I did enjoy his commercials showing him running through an airport.  But all of that is old, old stuff...

2.   Millennials Are Obsessed With Side Hustles Because They're All We've Got  (Quartz) -  I recognize the word hustle as either a con-game or a dance.  What the heck is a side hustle?  And it seems to me that most millennials are spoiled rotten youngsters who have always received anything they wanted.  I started working at a paying job at the age of 13 to get spending money.

3.   A Strange, Low-Pitched Sound Is Coming From the Caribbean Sea  (Science Alert) -  Maybe whatever has been swallowing things from deep below the Earth's crust is getting indigestion.  We'll soon awaken to find all the missing boats and aircraft from the Bermuda Triangle have been regurgitated along with their crews - welcome to the future!

4.   No, Bikini Waxing Doesn't Make You Cleaner or Healthier  (Yahoo Health)  -  Ummmm.  Where did this come from?  With whom does one discuss bikini waxing?  One's gynecologist?

5.  Real Rock of a Diamond Fails to Sell at Auction  ( New York Times)  -  A giant piece of compressed carbon doesn't make it's selling price reserve.  Someone is very greedy.  I don't like diamonds, anyway.

6.  The Ku Klux Klan Dreams of Rising Again 150 Years After It's Founding  (ABC News)  -  News stories like this exacerbate racial distrust.  I grew up in the southern United States; the KKK exists; Neo-Nazis exist; redneck crackers exist; snobby high-brow Yankees exist; but the vast majority of people are just scraping by, doing all they can to exist and get "wanted items" for their children.  The whole world needs to step away from hate.

7.  Iggy Azalea Says She Caught Nick Young Cheating on Her as Rumors Swirl That He Impregnated Keonna Green  (E! Online)  -   Seriously?!?  Who the heck are these people and why should I care?

8.   It's Unclear Whether Yearly Pelvic Examinations Are Necessary, Task Force Says  (  -   Who headed up this "Task Force?"  What type of information were they trying to get?  I haven't had a pelvic since my docs removed all my female parts and left me with a sock-toe vagina....

9.   Mike Shanahan and Pete Coors to Host Fund Raiser For Trump  (Denver Post)  -  Oh, crap.  Football and Colorado beer get together to beg for dollars for the Cro-Magnon comb-over...

10.   Did Tim Tebow's Prayers Rescue an Unresponsive Airplane Passenger?  (Lifesite)  -  If you know me, you know I like Tim Tebow.  I am not at all surprised that he left his first-class seat and went to the back of the plane to pray with a woman whose husband was having a heart attack during the flight.  I'm not at all surprised that after the plane landed, he helped the wife get her bags and took her to the hospital.  He's a giving, caring, honest and earnest young man.  He was raised to espouse his Christian beliefs.  But saying, or implying, that  Tim's prayers can rescue or save someone is a big step over the line.  I believe he's a very good man - but not a Saint.

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