Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Chilly, Books, Vikings

It was a grey, chilly day here.  After temperatures around 90 degrees (F) over the weekend, having a high of 55 seems a bit cool.  Not to mention the 100% humidity level we've had all day.  It's almost 6 in the evening, and I can finally see the mountains, even though they are very hazy.  And it looks odd to see the pockets of cloud tucked into the shoulders of the various peaks and arroyos.  It's also the first time I've actually seen that the leaves on the trees a block away are green in color.  It's typical during snow, but odd during the fall.
   I've been catching up on this season's Vikings - saw two hours over the weekend, and three hours today.  I'm still in love with Floki, even if he did kill Athelstan.  And I was shocked when Aslaug handed Ivar the Boneless over to Floki as his instructor in the gods and the old ways - but it makes perfect sense, in retrospect.  Linus Roache is amazing as always in his portrayal of King Ecbert; and I have truly enjoyed every minute that Ivan Kaye has been on screen as King Aelle.  Rollo is certainly making waves with Gisla, and I'm rather enjoying the actor taking the part of Count Odo.  Bjorn Ironsides is maturing quite nicely...  And Lagertha  certainly gave her husband an unexpected wedding gift...
   I am re-reading Visitor to capture the nuances I missed, and have already found several items that I did not register in my first, hurried reading.  I'm about to order the new Pendergast novel by Preston and Child, The Obsidian Room, that will ship out next month.  In the meantime, I'm awaiting my own copies of The Rain Wild Chronicles (volumes 1 to 4) for enjoying a leisurely perusal.  After that, I'll start the new Robin Hobb series, The Fitz and The Fool.  I know there are two components already published, so maybe I'll be just in time for the third of the series...  And then it should be time for a new Sigma Force  novel by James Rollins, and then a new CJ Cherryh Foreigner book.   Looking forward to good reads over the next several months!

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