Sunday, October 2, 2016

This Weekend

I've had a wonderful time this weekend - I love to drive a vehicle, and go exploring.  On Saturday, Beatrice, our new friend, Melissa (from Atlanta, Georgia), and I set forth to drive over Trail Ridge Road before the snow closes it for the season.  Melissa had never been inside Rocky Mountain National Park, and the closest thing to her being in the mountains before was a quick look around Nederland one afternoon, several months ago.   I planned on driving up 36 to Estes Park, then through RMNP on Trail Ridge Road, then down to Grand Lake and Granby, take 34 and run into I-70 west of Georgetown, and then close the loop via Idaho Springs and Golden.  We did most of that...
   The views were spectacular, as always.  Beatrice and I had hoped to see some of the larger wildlife in the Park, as we had in June.  Then we saw elk, moose, and big horn sheep.  We were hoping to see all of those, plus mountain goats, and other smaller creatures.  We saw two Stellar jays and two chipmunks...  rather a let down in mammal sightings.   But the aspens were at their peak, and there were streaks of gold along the mountain sides. The Rocky Mountains are truly a magnificent sight.
   On the way back, I missed the 34 turn in Granby, and we came back on 40, then I-70, 6 and 93.  It still made a beautiful sight-seeing loop.  We left at 10:40 in the morning, and returned at 6:10 in the evening.  We had a late lunch at the Blue Water Bakery at Grand Lake.  It was indescribably delicious, as it was the last visit.  This time I picked up four croissants to bring home....  incredibly tasty!
   Late this morning (Sunday) we drove over to Longmont, and showed Melissa Prospect New Town, and then drove through the Old Town residential sections of Longmont.  Beatrice and I needed to pick up a few things at Target, and we lost Melissa for 30 minutes in the Longmont super store...  Melissa was about to call Bea on her cell phone, when Bea managed to spot  her and tapped her on the shoulder. Melissa just about jumped out of her skin.
    Melissa also gave us a copy of her CD, Box of Stars.  She is an amazing singer, and wrote her own lyrics and music for the ten songs.  The second song, Trains, just caught me up and took me to another time and place.  Melissa is a magical lady....
    And, on the football side of things, the Florida Gators won; the Colorado University Buffaloes won; and the Broncos won.  All is right with my world.

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