Friday, October 28, 2016

Weird Happening

Yesterday, I arrived at a regular clients' house to drive the car back from the airport - the client's daughter will be taking care of the pets while the client is gone, but she needed transport to and from the airport.  I stepped in and greeted all the critters when I arrived, and we left for the airport almost immediately.  The client asked me to let the dog out when I returned with the car, and then put her back into the office.
   When I arrived back at the house, I needed to use the bathroom badly.  The daughter's car was not visible, so I assumed I was alone in the house, other than the critters - two cats and a dog.  I walked quickly into the closest bathroom, dropped my jeans and underwear, and sighed as I began to "go."  Then I heard a male voice yell, "Oy!" just outside the bathroom door, which I had left open.  I slammed the door closed with my hand.  ...  After I was finished, re-attired, and had washed my hands, I stepped out into the hall - and saw Lyra's tail flash by.  There was no sign of the man I had heard.
     I walked into the kitchen and was joined by the dog.  I looked around, and realized that the basement door was open, the office door was open, and the rear door, leading to the back yard was wide open.  As I was questioning the dog, a young man came up the basement stairs.  He said he was a friend of Connor's, and that the family had allowed him to stay in the basement for two weeks.  He informed me he was waiting for his Uber ride to show up and take him to the airport.
    The young man told the dog and been crying, so he opened the door to the office, and then opened the back door, knowing the back yard was fenced.  I asked him about the cat, and he said he wasn't aware that a cat had been inside the office.  I asked where she was, and he guessed that the cat had gone upstairs...  I was looking out into the back yard, and saw both dog and cat.  Then I glanced into the office, and saw that the dog had pooped all over the floor.  I decided to leave the critters loose and outside while I cleaned up the office floor.  The young man, in the meantime started chasing the cat.  He managed to grab her by the neck scruff and the base of the tail.  Lyra has never been handled like that.  She was hissing and crying as the man brought her inside and closed the door.  Lyra took one look at me and ran.  I left the dog in the back yard, and finished cleaning the floor.  Then I cracked the windows in the office, made sure there was plenty of water, and went to gather Lyra.
   Poor kitty...  She hissed and hissed as I picked her up very carefully and placed her in her kitty tree in the office.  Then I rounded up Tess and put her inside the office.
    On my way back to Rosie, I called the client and told her what had happened.  It seems the young man was supposed to have left before the client and I went to the airport.  She called her daughter and made certain that the daughter would check up on the critters at lunch -
    Just another odd happening in the life of a pet-sitter.....

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