Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I Survived the Dentist

Well, I survived my first visit to a dentist in 21 1/2 years....  I took a second dose of my anxiety medicine two hours before arrival, and arrived before time, to fill out "new patient" paperwork.  Then I met with the technician, who asked a few questions, then took the X-rays (I think there were 14) and then brought in the actual DDS.  The tech was a very personable young Latino lady, and the dentist was a nice, gentle, and calm Asian woman.  The dentist did a lot of testing and probing, and agreed with my own self-diagnosis - gingivitis, and enamel failure of three teeth.  She believes the teeth can be capped, so I won't need a small bridge...   But, of course, it all costs money.   I was with the technician and the dentist for over an hour, and the cost was $89.00.  Not bad, really.  But I'm due back on January 12 for a cleaning and two fillings...  Then we get to sit down and discuss the big expenses.  - I'm already wincing! - I have NO dental coverage at all.
    I get my complete heart doppler test done on January 30 at 2 in the afternoon; and I have the carotid artery tests and my brain MRI done early on January 6...  I really hope they decide that it was a breaking capillary in my eye when I had the single eye white-outs.  I really don't need any more stress or medications because I've had a stroke....
    I've upped my exercise and my water consumption, and I will stop all sweets once 2017 is here.  I have stuff to bake, and I refuse to NOT sample it!

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