Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wild Wednesday

Sheeesh - what a day.   Yesterday was awful, in some aspects.  I made my annual pilgrimage to my general practitioner of medicine - just to renew my necessary medications.  I also had another short list of things, just for her to note (or so I thought) in my file.  The first was that both of my ring fingers have turned into "trigger fingers" since last May - not horribly, but if I sleep with my fists clenched, the ring fingers don't want to straighten - the right more so than the left.  Secondly, I told her that the enamel had worn through on three teeth - they are dead; but there is no pain, so I see nothing to do at the time. Third, that I was having "itchy bones" in various places  and at various times.  The fourth thing was that I had had the two "white outs" in my left eye - one at the beginning of August, one at the end of October - my vision had returned to normal within 30 minutes each time, and there was no pain.  I had poked around on the internet and read about some folks who had experienced the same thing, and they had been told it was a capillary bursting in their eye... That seemed logical to me, but my MD was horrified.  She's pretty sure that I had two small mini-strokes.
    So now I have agreed to get three tests done - a brain and eye MRI, ultrasounds of my neck arteries, and an electrocardiogram.  And I've agreed to see a dentist - for the first time in 21 years.  I already regret having agreed to all of the above.   I had to have counseling from a case manager, and he was pushing me to give up my caffeine - totally.  I told him that I suffered from migraines, and that in the early 1990s, I had gone caffeine free for 1 year; I spent 10 months of that time in bed with migraines.  The only thing that would stop the migraines was a daily dose of caffeine - so I told him I was keeping my caffeine and would NOT renounce it.  He heaved a big sigh and tried to tell me that coffee was bad - I laughed and told him that I don't drink coffee or tea - I drink diet cola - which set him off on the awfulness of aspartame....  Yada, yada, yada, yada....  Then I had to have blood drawn and get my flu shot,
  After that, Beatrice and I went to the Credit Union, then to Turley's Kitchen for breakfast.  Then we went shopping.  After we returned home, I wrapped a gift, and then went over to Rosie's for a 2 hour walk and love session.  Got back home, took out the trash and recyclables, and then went to Donn's to pick up his mail - and then threaded my way up 36 into Denver, to pick up Donn and Lynn at the Airport...  Their flight was scheduled to arrive at 4:30, and the Flight Stats website said the flight was en route and on time.  So I totally freaked out when my cell phone rang at 4:02 and it was a text message from Lynn saying they had landed, but had to clear customs before they'd be ready for pick-up.  I was freaked out because I was 18 miles away from Pena Blvd, and then had another 12 miles to the terminal.  So I turned into a speed demon, as much as traffic would allow (not much!).  Fifteen minutes later, she texts that they are still on the runway - another plane was blocking their way to the gate...  In any event, I got to the cell phone waiting lot, and actually read a chapter in a book before they got through Customs.  Then I drove to the terminal, picked them up, and was dropped off back at my apartment in time for Jeopardy!
    I was feeling achey from the shot, so I went to bed early last night. This morning, I got to deal with the six phone calls that came in yesterday....  all about dentists and the hospital for setting up appointments.  Yuck.

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