Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Assateague Island Photos

Bodacious Bob (Maryland)

Fox (Virginia)  Photo by DSC Photography

Red-winged blackbird  (Virginia)

Harmony's foal  (Maryland)

Sunning turtles  (Virginia)

It's called the Teaguer Two-Step  (Maryland)

Sunrise  (Virginia)


bev said...

good evening - where can you find the names of the maryland ponies? I hike assateague a few times a year and would love to mary up the pics with the names. Also do you happen to know any of the buy back babes? I'd like to contribute occasionally but I went to a penning in 86 when I was in middle school and as much as I love assateague will likely never be seen there in July again..

Betts said...

Hi, Bev! Most names of the Maryland end of Assateague Island ponies can be found on the Facebook page called Assateague Island Alliance - that's where I have learned the names from. The names of the Chincoteague ponies owned by the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company, on the Virginia end of Assateague, can be located at www, Darcie and Steve Cole have photographs of all of the CVFC ponies, divided into stallions, fillies and mares, and the new foals.... Hope this helps - if not, contact me again, and I'll send you other urls with more information.
The original Buy Back Babes disbanded and have a new group that re-formed in 2016... I do not know any of them. You might be interested in the Chincoteague Legacy Group, ( a group of folks from around the world who donate to acquire Buy Backs. They, too, have a Facebook page. I know several members and photographers in the groups, and I keep in contact with Maureen Beebe, who is still living on Chincoteague... Betts