Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pony Penning 2017 - Buy-Back Foals Chosen - Photos

During and after today's veterinarian checkup on all of the Chincoteague ponies that belong to the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company, the CVFC had the vet mark nine foals with a dye that will wash away.  These foals are the ones that are designated "Buy Back" foals.  You bid on the foal in the regular auction - and all Buy-Backs are announced as they step into the sales area - if you make the highest, winning bid, you pay the full price that you made the bid for, either by a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, by cash, or by Travelers Checks.  A buy back foal will return to the island and live out the rest of it's natural life living wild on Assateague Island.  You will be able to have your photo taken with the foal once you purchase it, and you also name the foal.  You can visit it, or try to see it, each time you visit the island thereafter - but it will stay running free on Assateague except during the Fall and Spring Round-ups and during the week of Pony Penning.
    This year, seven fillies and two colts have been chosen by the Pony Committee as buy-backs.  They are chosen for their breeding (blood lines), conformation, and markings.   The foals, in order of birth this year are:

Tornado's Legacy - Sweetheart colt     born 13 March 2017

Chief Golden Eagle - Pony Lady's Sweet Surprise filly     born  7 April 2017

Ajax - Dream Catcher filly      born 23 April 2017
Filly, dam, sire

Wild Bill (aka Cinnamon Hologram) - Landrie's Georgia Peach filly
born 26 April 2017
[one of last two foals sired by Wild Bill, the other is JABATTA's colt]

Surfer's Riptide - Leah's Bayside Angel filly     born 29 April 2017
(filly will shed out black or extremely dark bay)

Wild Thing - Thetis colt      born 14 May 2017

Ajax - Miracle's Natural Beauty filly      born 19 May 2017

Maverick - Surfin' Chantel filly      born 21 May 2017

Hoppy (aka Effie's Papa Bear) - Isle Treasure filly      born 14 June 2017

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