Wednesday, August 23, 2017

New Fillies - Two in Virginia, One in Maryland

Well, three mares have foaled since Pony Penning ended.  We have two new fillies to be sold at the Fall Round-up on October 13 and 14; and we have one mare recovering from a stillbirth.  The vet has checked Courtney's Island Dove frequently since she delivered a dead foal on 17 August.  She'll be returned to Assateague within the next few days.  There has been no announcement regarding the reason for the stillbirth.
   On 6 August, Galadriel, a 1999 mare, delivered a beautifully marked Wild Thing filly.  Photo shows dam, filly, and sire at right.  I do not know who took this photo - if you did so, please notify me, and I will credit you, with gratitude!

On the morning of the eclipse, 21 August, Freckles (aka 15 Friends of Freckles), a 2006 mare, gave birth to a filly sired by Ken.  These photos are by DSC Photography of Greenbackville, VA.  Copies may be purchased on their website -     These copies were shared on Facebook originally.

And, also on the morning of the eclipse, Johnny's Star gave birth to a chestnut filly - presumed sire is Chip (aka Delegate's Pride).  These photos were taken by Beached Paws Photography  of Berlin, MD - please see their website at:  for these and other excellent photos.

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