Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Identifying the Maryland Assateague (Chincoteague) Ponies - The H, J, and L Names - Photos

For fans of the Chincoteague ponies that run "loose" on the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia, there is an app available for identification, there are books available, and one can also visit DSC Photography's website and see photos of each and every pony through the seasons.  On the Maryland end, the wonderful group, Assateague Island Alliance, has also set up an app for identification of their ponies - but it can't be used or downloaded to a regular old PC.  Since I do not  own a "smart phone" (nor do I wish to do so), I have been compiling photos of the Maryland ponies for identification purposes.  I am going to share them, in small batches, with you.  ** Please note that some of these photos are copyrighted.  Do not copy or use them in any illegal manner.  Respect the time and effort the photographers took to get these photos.**  For some of the more elusive ponies, I have only been able to find one photo, or two, and sometimes only with another pony... I'm still looking for more.
    These are Maryland ponies whose names begin with the letters H, J, and L.....

"Happy"  Sorrel colt, born 2017 - sire is Joy, dam is Giggles
Giggles at left, son Happy at right

Happy and step-dad Bodacious Bob

Harmony  (N9BFQ-G)  Chestnut mare, born May 2008  -  sire _; dam was Braidwood

Harmony and son Tommy in front

Tommy and dam Harmony (at right)

Tommy and Harmony

Johnny's Star  (N2BHS-CK)  Bay pinto mare,born 9 March 2012 - sire is Fonzi; dam is April Star
(l to r) Corky, Johnny's Star and Moonshadow

Johnny's Star (minus head) and foal Moonshadow

Jojo  (N6BMT-F)  Sorrel mare, born April 2007  - sire _; dam is Sonja

(l to r)  Jojo, Coco and Gizmo

Joy  (N2BHS-AG) Chestnut stallion, born  22 August 2008 - sire  _;  dam is Gokey Go-Go Bones
Joy, left, and Mini Mac on right

Lauren's Laughter (Berry)  (N6BIRUY)  Bay mare, born 2000 - sire  _;  dam is Bright Star

Lion's Mane (N6BP)  Sorrel mare, born 1991 - sire was Ted; dam was Buffy  

(l to r)  Foxy's Gift, Lion's Mane and Bessy Twister

Little Dipper  (N2BHS-B)  Sorrel mare, born May 2003  -  sire _;  dam was Carol's Girl
Little Dipper with daughter Pretty Lass

Little Paka   (M17GMV)  Chestnut mare

(l to r) Little Paka, Bonnie and Chestnut

M2EINS at left, Little Paka looking over her shoulder

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