Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bits & Pieces

This morning's sunrise was in shades of orange and blue, so I will take it as a salute to the Gators and the Broncos (being completely egocentric, of course). I read aloud to Cloudy and Shady last night, and was rewarded with Shady snuggling up to my side and Cloudy perching on the night stand. I made a pumpkin pie late in the afternoon, and have been snacking on small slivers of it. The kits had a ball playing outside in the sun yesterday, and my neighbor Keith (who has Riley, the Shar Pei), left me a note that he had another of my packages. So now I have only to receive one more box and Christmas shopping is done. I would say that three-quarters of the snow is gone from my yard, but only half has melted at Alexy's. And I just received a nice letter from one of my husband's distant cousins, who found the family tree on-line and has a few questions. Unfortunately, he wants to talk on the phone, and I won't be home for an extended period of time until the 30th of this month. (I did offer to make an appointment that I would keep to be at home on a certain time on a certain day, if he so wished. We'll see.) I had forgotten to fill the peanut dish when I arrived home yesterday, and so I was sitting at my desk when Gimpy appeared on the left-hand corner and asked very nicely to be fed. I have to buy nuts before I go home today, or the squirrels will be irate. I also need to visit the library this weekend, as I have now read all the books I checked out last week. I dreamed this morning that I was riding Mauda LuAnn again. She and I travel a very familiar dream scape, and we have done so since her death in January of 1988; the views are always beautiful and surprising, yet very comforting and familiar at the same time. Maybe we'll actually see it together at some time in the future. Not much else is going on here, so I'll close. Have a good weekend!

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