Monday, November 30, 2009

Eastern Seaboard

Very Charming Acorn Street, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Acorn Street on Beacon Hill in Boston, Massachusetts

The Old Stone House - Georgetown - Washington, D.C.

The Old Stone House (built 1765) in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

Savannah Beach Inn - Fantastic Romantic Getaway

The beach near Savannah, Georgia


A waterway near Cape Kennedy, Florida (or is it now the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral?)

Sleepy Tyme

Wow. I spent most of yesterday in bed and asleep, with Banichi and Lovey curled up on top of me. I woke up enough to watch the Vikings game, and then I spoke with Kathryn in Florida for almost two hours. Then I started reading a book of Swedish folk tales and drifted on back to sleep. I need to go to the apartments office and sign my lease extension today, go to the bank and make a deposit, make an appointment to see Dr. Ryan to renew my meds, and walk Remy and Rosie. The sun is again shining brightly this morning, and my kits are sunning on the patio, even though it's 32 out there, with a wind chill of 22 (brrrr!). But, then, the patio is keeping the westerly wind off of them. My brain is continuing to work on low power, so I'll keep this short.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Selections

Longhorn & Red Barn

A view from near Niwot Road...

The Open Road

Near Merritt, British Columbia, Canada (the Flatirons looked like this this morning)

Dawn at Cady

Dawn at Cady

247 Maastricht  Water mill

Mill wheel at Maastricht, the Netherlands

Home, home, on my Dell....

I have just returned from caring for Ooch, and am laying back in my desk chair with my feet propped on the radiator, watching Lovey and Banichi play in the sun out back. (We hope to reach 38 today, but it is nice, sunny, and bright out!) The kits were ecstatic when I arrived home at 7 yesterday evening - I fed them, put on my jammies and crawled into bed with a book. I had to visit the loo around midnight, and I had to fight the kits to get them to stay off me long enough to sit up and get out of bed. Then they both ran ahead of me and perched on the toilet seat, so I had to move them before I was able to sit down.... But they have loved me and purred, kneaded me and drooled, groomed my hair and bathed my hands and face: I think they missed me. They were pretty upset when I left to care for Ooch this morning, and were very surprised that I returned as quickly as I did. They both wanted some love, and then they wanted out into the sun; they are both sunning right now. I'm going to stay at home the rest of the day and just laze about and love the kits. - I know that some of you don't care for Tim Tebow, but it touched me when he stepped out onto the field at The Swamp yesterday for his last home game as a Gator and he began to cry. Seeing this 6+ foot, 200+ pound tough guy cry was an experience not to be missed. - The Japan Cup was run yesterday, and yet another lady won a super race; Vodka, a five-year-old Japanese bred mare, won by a mere whisker in the mile and a half turf classic. Barbaro, the Kentucky Derby hero, has two full brothers in training. Lentenor started in his second race yesterday, and finished second, for trainer Michael Matz. - I hope to get back into my usual research mode for the next 3 weeks, and be able to add a little something to all of the family trees I'm working on. Other than walking Rosie and Remy, I have nothing scheduled until the day after Christmas, so I hope to be able to accomplish a little in other areas. Have a super end to your weekend!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Let's get closer!!!

This is how I felt yesterday. (This is Maltesers, who hates being disturbed.)


Sand sculpture at Revere Beach, Massachusetts

Brandi, Lizzie, Maggie and Ooch - Oh, My!

I am typing with an Ooch in my lap, and have already taken Lizzie and Brandi out for their separate walks, plus feeding everybody (including Maggie). I don't feel great, but I'm alive and kickin'. Had half a ham sandwich for lunch yesterday, and grilled a small steak and some asparagus for dinner. And I limited my Coca-Cola intake to 6 ounces... I feel much better today than I did yesterday. Guess I'm heading back to a more regimented diet. - I had no idea that the CU/Nebraska game was nationally televised yesterday. I took a look at the blue skies on camera and glanced out the windows in the den, and said, "Yep. That's our view." - The weather has been gorgeous: up in the mid- and upper-60s the past two days, but we're expecting snow after 7 this evening. All of the kids I'm sitting have been excellent, but it will be nice to have Lovey and Banichi with me tonight (I'm beginning to sound a lot like Bilbo Baggins). I think I'm going to take myself out to the movies in mid-December; the ads for Avatar have me hooked. Not much else going on. Will try to be more myself tomorrow. Take care!

Friday, November 27, 2009


I am sick as a dog, so please forgive me for not answering e-mail and/or phone calls. I think my days of sugar and caffeine are over, and that I'm headed for a diabetic diet... There were 47 of us who sat down for Thanksgiving yesterday - if nephew Mike and his lady Allison, and niece Sarah's Michael had attended it would have been 50. I met some of the boys' new female friends (3), and Tracey's Mom, Edna, has moved out to Longmont, too. Kent and Maria brought down their two teens from South Dakota, and Jennica and her friend Josh came in from Washington state. Frannie and Corky will get married at 3:30 this afternoon at the Old Grange in Niwot. ... Lizzie and Maggie May and I are getting along well. I can't wait for Saturday night when I get to sleep at home in my own bed, with Lovey and Banichi, though. My kits seem to be fine, and I'm gonna be here with them for a few hours. CU is playing the Nebraska Cornhuskers at home today with a 1:30 kick-off. Our parking lot, and the one across Folsom, are full of Husker fans. ...
Take care, everyone; I'm going to lay down with my kits.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is being composed and sent from the house of Ooch. He is talking to me even as I type, wanting me to come into the kitchen and watch him eat. He is an old sweetie.

Happy Thanksgiving! I have a lot to be thankful for: a roof over my head, my two kits, a job that I enjoy and that keeps me busy, and friends that I made last week to friends that go back to our year in kindergarten at Lake Forest. As the years have gone by I have made some of you laugh and some cry, some happy, some angry, and some sad - I think that's what life is about, caring and sharing, loving, living life, and growing in all areas as best as one can. Thank you for being my friend!

Our American holiday of Thanksgiving came about through the church. Churches would declare a day of fasting and prayer when they felt the government and leaders had need of better consideration of what the populace was enduring. Thanksgiving was originally a feast day to celebrate the fact that the pilgrims had lived through their first harvest in Massachusetts. My brother-in-law's family traces back to the original Mayflower settlers; the brother of my many-times great grandfather arrived on the Mayflower (my direct ancestor came a 6 months later and was soon busily employed as the settlement's coffin-maker). The tradition of observing a day of thanksgiving spread throughout the colonies, but was celebrated on different dates. In 1789 President George Washington proclaimed a National Thanksgiving Day in honor of the new United States Constitution. In 1846 Sarah Josepha Hale, the editor of a magazine called Godey’s Lady’s Book, began a campaign to have the last Thursday in November designated as a national Thanksgiving Day. Her campaign resulted in victory in 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln decided that the national Thanksgiving Day would be held on the last Thursday in November. In 1941 Congress named the fourth Thursday in November as Thanksgiving Day, which is not always the last Thursday in November. - Please enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Talk Turkey

Wild Tom Turkey trying to impress the hens

A wild tom turkey displaying his wares for the ladies

wild turkeys-crosswoods-citrus heights ca (6)a

Wild turkeys at Citrus Heights, California

A Wild Turkey. Yes, I said wild! Un pavo macho

Another wild tom on display

Turkey Farm.

Domestic turkeys (bred for the pot) at a turkey farm

Kits; No Access

There will be sporadic, if any, blogging from now through Saturday... I do not have internet access at Lizzie and Maggie's house. Today, tomorrow, and Friday, I'll be walking the Rs twice daily; tomorrow I need to make the base of my fruit tart, as well as purchasing all the berries I'll need for the berry platter for Thanksgiving. Jim and I are going to his sister's house at some time on Thursday morning - we'll take my fruit and K & J's food contribution, as well as extra chairs and tables for the group. Kathy has to work until 1 p.m. at Sunflower, so niece Sarah will pick her up at that time and charge out to Longmont to join the rest of us. I got mixed up on the wedding on Friday - it's Jim's sister Frannie who is marrying Corky - they currently live somewhere outside of Chicago, and will be staying with Kathy and Jim while they are in town. (Laura is still dating Jim, her main squeeze for the past 3 years.) On Friday evening I hope/plan to make some of my fruit n' berry scones, to share with friends. Saturday night I get to return home and once again sleep at night in my own bed with my own kits. I will finish taking care of Lizzie and Maggie May, and Brandi on Saturday; then I have to care for Ooch Sunday morning. On Monday, I just return to the walk the Rs routine. The kits are watching me intently today - Lovey is sitting between the keyboard and the monitor, while Banichi is sprawled on the bed. I walked Lizzie this morning, then I walked the fence line in her backyard; then we got into a tennis ball game, and that turned into a tug-of-war with her stuffed lion. Then I grabbed Rosie and Remy and we had a nice hour with about 10 extra minutes at the end of it, playing with Suki and Boo. Then I came home to my kits, and I'll be leaving aagin within the next hour... I can not complain about having work and being able to pay my bills - but I'd like to stay at home and love my own kits for a while.... But that will happen next month. I'm home for the first 3 weeks of December, and then am house-sitting from Boxing Day until the 5th of January. Aaahhhhhhhh...... Please enjoy your Thanksgivings! (This just in case I don't get to blog tomorrow.)

Monday, November 23, 2009


2009-11-01__Meja 001

Meja in November 2009

Driver Eric Arnault, Derby on snow

A driving snow derby - Eric Arnault on the reins in Parc Belle-Riviere, Mirabel, Quebec, Canada

Siberian Cat - Milakoshka -

Milakoshka after too much fun...

DSCF0249 Iguazu Falls - Another funny animal - Argentina

A coati mundi at the Iguazu Falls animal park in Argentina

Moving Three Doors Down

Alexy is due home this evening, and I will be moving three doors to the east late this afternoon, to reside with Lizzie and Maggie May over Thanksgiving. Cloudy actually loved my hand without hissing, batting and/or biting it yesterday; it seemed like a break through. Shady spent yesterday afternoon , evening, and last night curled up with me; Cloudy would stalk by and look at us, but she never stopped. It's overcast this morning, and we hope to reach 39 degrees today. As there is a nice little breeze, I will be wearing a hat when I walk the Rs and continue on home to my kits for their visit. Yesterday, Lovey and Banichi and I snuggled up together in my reading chair for almost three hours (this after I had fed them, let them out, cleaned the litter boxes, and fed Gimpy). I have to admit I fell asleep with the kits during the Redskins - Cowboys game; the kits are just so warm and relaxing, and when both of them are purring I have a tendency to nod off with them. I also saw the Broncos collapse against Philip Rivers and the Chargers; it was hard to watch. Then I watched the Eagles and the Bears, taking time out to watch the third and last episode of The Islands of Britain in the middle of the game. I was extremely happy that the Eagles defeated the Bears, even while I was wishing that the British Isles series hadn't been so short. (I think I would like to live on Sark.) It definitely piqued my interest in some of the islands, but there was so much that was simply skipped over... I think that I will have access to a computer while staying at the new house; if not, this blog will occur only when I have time to write and choose photos while I'm at home (where I am due to return on the 29th) visiting the kits and cleaning house. I know that I have unlimited US calling while I'm at the new house, so if I can't blog, I'll be calling some of you. - Oh, the man who contacted me regarding some of Jeffrey's West Virginia cousins is not related; he is working for an oil company and is trying to trace heirs to some mineral and oil rights in Wetzel County. I have to admit I never thought I'd be contacted by someone regarding a legacy when I started out playing with family trees! - The ski resorts in north and north central Colorado are mostly open now, and what isn't open today will open on Friday. The only reason I'm noting this is because that area will be getting between 4 and 9 inches of snow today - the passes already have chain laws in effect and I-70 was closed for 3 hours early this morning due to a sliding jack-knifed truck. We are expecting a slow warm-up through Friday, with excellent driving conditions; if one stays out of the mountains. - Have a good week!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scenes of America


Ocean morning at Pacific Grove, Monterey, California

Grand Canyon Nat.Park - Arizona     (DSC_3885)

Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona

Mighty sweet section of the Ozark Trail. May '05

Along the Ozark Trail in Missouri

Barn near Lisle NY

A large, old-fashioned barn near Lisle, New York

A Giggle

A beautiful but cool day is in store - not quite as cool as in Gunnison, with its canyon and deep river valley - but still, a good 15 degrees cooler than yesterday (60). Alexy's yard is still snowy, but my backyard is clear now. My poor neighbor Keith came to the rescue of my History Book Club package Friday evening, so we had another encounter; and I told him that I wasn't expecting anything else, package-wise. He had left a note under the door for me, and I was going to knock on his door at 10 yesterday morning, but he saw the kits watching Riley chew on a pig ear, so he knew I was home and came to my place a little sooner. He's without family here in Boulder, so I've invited him to Thanksgiving dinner at the Snow gathering. Since my HBC box arrived, all I have to do is purchase stocking stuffers for the family for Christmas, and I'm done with all of my shopping and making of presents this year. I have found that I can only work on my craft items when (a) I'm at home and the kits are otherwise engaged and (b) when I'm house-sitting in a dogs-only home; needlepoint yarn, cross-stitch floss, needles, thread and cloth pieces are just too much fun for any cat to ignore. - And I laughed myself silly this morning: I glanced through a Bed Bath & Beyond sales flyer and was brought to a complete halt by a gift item called "The Mangroomer". It's an electric razor on a bent and extendable arm that men are to use to shave their backs! I can see a man using it if he is an Olympic calibre swimmer, or if he's a movie star and doesn't want the public to know that he grows hair on his back... But, come on!! Body hair isn't gross and disgusting - it's there for a purpose, and I think that hair growth patterns are fascinating - whether on human males or on any critter. - I guess my brain power is at a low, because I can't think of anything else to natter on about. So... have a good day!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shots for a Saturday


Cheetah hunting partners

blue beauty up close butterfly side viw

Up close and personal - I think it's a common blue morph butterfly

Out on a limb by  islandlady1540

A ladybug on the edge of...

Wildlife-Mr. Bull Frog-Wibbit!!


Bits & Pieces

This morning's sunrise was in shades of orange and blue, so I will take it as a salute to the Gators and the Broncos (being completely egocentric, of course). I read aloud to Cloudy and Shady last night, and was rewarded with Shady snuggling up to my side and Cloudy perching on the night stand. I made a pumpkin pie late in the afternoon, and have been snacking on small slivers of it. The kits had a ball playing outside in the sun yesterday, and my neighbor Keith (who has Riley, the Shar Pei), left me a note that he had another of my packages. So now I have only to receive one more box and Christmas shopping is done. I would say that three-quarters of the snow is gone from my yard, but only half has melted at Alexy's. And I just received a nice letter from one of my husband's distant cousins, who found the family tree on-line and has a few questions. Unfortunately, he wants to talk on the phone, and I won't be home for an extended period of time until the 30th of this month. (I did offer to make an appointment that I would keep to be at home on a certain time on a certain day, if he so wished. We'll see.) I had forgotten to fill the peanut dish when I arrived home yesterday, and so I was sitting at my desk when Gimpy appeared on the left-hand corner and asked very nicely to be fed. I have to buy nuts before I go home today, or the squirrels will be irate. I also need to visit the library this weekend, as I have now read all the books I checked out last week. I dreamed this morning that I was riding Mauda LuAnn again. She and I travel a very familiar dream scape, and we have done so since her death in January of 1988; the views are always beautiful and surprising, yet very comforting and familiar at the same time. Maybe we'll actually see it together at some time in the future. Not much else is going on here, so I'll close. Have a good weekend!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Around and About

Gumbo Limbo Tree - Native Nectar, Wildlife Food and Shelter Plant

A gumbo limbo tree (aka Tourist tree) in South Florida

Sunset over Assawoman Bay

Sunset on Assawoman Bay, Ocean City, Maryland. A 30-acre plot that includes two islands, one with a hunting lodge, and a lot of marsh is being auctioned off this weekend.


Summer vacation sights on Assawoman Bay

bumpass hell (7)

Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California

Just... Stuff

The sunrise was pretty and we're expecting a high around 55 today. Shady brought several of his toys into bed with me last night. I don't know if he wanted me to play with him, or if he was just gathering all his goodies together. Cloudy deigned to sleep by my head for about 4 hours this morning, but then slapped my nose and high-tailed it out of the room. I met Lizzie and Maggie May yesterday, whom I'll be with next week; Lizzie loved the chicken jerky I brought, and Maggie thought the idea of chasing treat pieces across the floor was great fun. The owner was greatly surprised when Lizzie licked me - apparently, she is not a demonstrative dog. The Rs were ecstatic when I arrived to walk them yesterday afternoon - Remy would not stop barking, even though he had an anti-bark collar on (it sprays citronella oil up his nose when he barks); and then, after our walk, Rosie wanted me to toss her red bone for her. I visited my kits yesterday morning and found that UPS had left my package at the apartment office, so I got that. - I just saw movement in the backyard, and watched a red fox trot across the back area. - Lovey and Banichi were very happy that snow covered less than half of the backyard yesterday, and they played outside quite a bit, coming back to me to shake the mud and dirt off, of course. Gimpy and a few younger squirrels had spats at the nut bowl inside the door - and one of the youngsters ran partially up my jeans-covered leg until he realized what was underneath the denim. ... There is flooding going on in northern Ireland and Great Britain. Rains in the Lake District where Wordsworth was born caused flooding of 8 feet and more, and washed away a 300-year-old stone bridge that crossed the Derwent River. The flooding was over 3 feet high in the town of Cork in Ireland, and areas of County Galway. In that County, a family of 5, including an 87-year-old grandmother, was plucked up through the roof of their house by rescuers in an Army helicopter. ... On the horse scene, Quality Road (who was scratched at the gate in the BC Classic) returned by van to New York on Monday, and on Wednesday he had his first starting gate lesson which reportedly went "fine." Sea the Stars won Europe's Cartier Horse of the Year Award after a sensational and unbeaten racing season in England, Ireland, and France. ... Here in Colorado, two more ski resorts open their runs today. We're expecting more snow in the mountains over the weekend, but none here in the foothills or out on the eastern plains. I hope you have a super Friday!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Views

Sanitas Snow Walk 12

Photo taken on Mt Sanitas trail the morning after a spring snow storm on March 27 2009. The first Flatiron is seen just below the mist in the distance.

fjord ponies

A Fjord mare and new-born foal in Norway

Lord of The Ring MLF, 15.2hh piebald

I still love to look at Lord of the Ring MLF, a Gypsy Vanner who stands at stud at Mulberry Lane Farms


Chincoteague ponies on Assateague Island (fall 2008)

Free Food for Homeless Animals

My cousin Sarah introduced me to a nice website - if you care for unfortunate animals, that is - the URL is simply: . There is a section for dogs and one for cats; there is a trivia question regarding each species with multiple choice answers offered. Whether you answer the questions correctly or not, you donate 10 pieces of dry dog food and/or 10 pieces of dry cat food (I do both) on a daily basis to animal shelters throughout the United States. I think that 60 seconds of my time is worth giving to help feed homeless animals. How about you? (And, thank you, Sarah, for sending me info on this site!) ... When I arrived at my apartment yesterday, I found a note on the door from UPS stating I needed to sign for a package (I'm expecting 3) and they would be at my place to try to redeliver said package between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. That threw all my plans off-kilter, but allowed me more time with my kits. The kits and I cuddled, and loved, and they ran outside and played in the sunlight. At 5:30, without a package delivery, I went back to Cloudy and Shady in North Boulder. Cloudy was inside, perched on her cat tree, but there was no sign of Shady. I turned on the light in the office, opened the door, and, as if it were magic, the black cat appeared from the black backyard, climbed the steps into the house, stropped himself around my legs, and then informed me that he was hungry. I acceded to his wishes, and Cloudy joined us in the kitchen for an evening repast. ... Rosie and Remy were so happy to me me yesterday that it was ridiculous. They danced and pranced and bounced around as if they hadn't gone for a walk in weeks. I took them west yesterday, and we visited Wonderland Lake, then scooted back for 10 minutes of play with Suki and Boo, and then on home. (It was after that that I went home to my kits.) ... The day started out with lots of sunshine this morning, but has become lightly overcast. There's a cool front passing through, and instead of temperatures in the upper 50s, we'll be lucky to hit the mid-40s. On my way home this morning, I was standing at the bus stop when a young man rode by on his bicycle; it was 26 degrees outside and I had on two pairs of socks, my heaviest jeans, a long-sleeved T-shirt, my woolen hat, gloves, and my snow and rain coat that has Polartec lining in both the body and the hood. This young man (maybe between 10 and 14 years old?) was pedaling his bike up-hill, wearing sneakers, shorts, what looked like a T, and a hooded sweatshirt with the cuffs pushed up to his elbows. He was steering his bike with his right hand and had a cup with a Starbuck's label on it in his left hand - no gloves. He made me feel extremely cold! ... I'm now booked for house-sitting through the end of April, and have already had to turn down one request for the month of March. I'll be with Cloudy and Shady once again, but Aiko and Yoshi need someone to spend the night with them and walk them twice a day, as well as play and interact with them when they are awake. ... One last comment for the day: it is once again time (almost past time) for the Leonid meteor shower. I remembered it the night before last, and, since I had awakened about midnight, and the sky wasn't cloudy, I pulled on my sweats, and a coat and stuffed my feet into my snow boots, and wandered out into the street to see what, if anything I could see. The meteorologists had said we might be able to see 20 to 30 "shooting stars" per hour, and that the best viewing was in Asia. I saw something that lit up the entire sky. It traveled east to west, started out as a green light, then turned orange and then it was almost as if I was under a klieg light - bright white - that almost immediately disappeared. I was astounded. The University of Utah caught this sight on video, so there is a distinct record of it - this meteor was seen from Kansas City, Missouri all the way to coastal California. The big-wigs are saying that it was probably a meteor the size of a range/oven when it entered our atmosphere, and that it burned up - disintegrated - whatever - by the time it reached the Pacific Ocean. All I know was that it was definitely awe-inspiring!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

And More Critters

Baby Raccoons

Baby raccoons love marshmallows (so do adults)!

opossum @ night in virginia beach, virginia

A young opossum in Virginia Beach

Lesser Long Nosed Bat at Hummingbird Feeder

A Lesser Long-nosed Bat sipping at a hummingbird feeder


A nine-banded armadillo

Variety is the Spice of Life

Shady is surveying the office from atop the stereo above my head - we have been watching a young 2-spike buck wander across the backyard. Most of Alexy's backyard is still covered with a couple inches of snow, as is my backyard at the apartment. Boulder officially had 11.2 inches of snow this past weekend; shaded streets still have ice, slush and snow on them, and most yards still have an accumulation of the white stuff. My kits had a ball running in and out yesterday morning; Lovey was especially happy that she could "brand" me with her little muddy toes. Banichi spent 45 minutes sunning on the patio, and then came in and proceeded to spend an hour cleaning his feet. (Was it really worth that much work?) I wore my snow boots when walking Rosie and Remy yesterday afternoon - we were out wandering for over an hour; and, as usual, Rosie pulled on the way out, while Remy pulled on the way home. And I was serenaded by a Great Horned Owl for almost two hours last night - he sat in the pine at the window, where I was reading. It was enchanting. ... I laughed at the NCIS episode last night, as I remember very well how to run a mimeograph machine. I guess that makes me a brontosaurus like Gibbs. The only thing that troubles me is that Gibbs did not check the fluid-level in the drum before he made his copy - and the original sketch was not made on a mimeo-master. *sigh* I guess they can't always get everything right. ... It looks as if I'll be at the Snow gathering for Thanksgiving after all. Kathy (Jim's sister, not my sister) asked to bring my fruit and berry tray, and I said yes. Jim's sister Laura is getting married on Friday at the Niwot Grange building, and the whole crew from South Dakota is coming down for the weekend to celebrate with Laura and Corky. I'll probably stay home on Friday - I really don't have anything suitable to wear to a wedding! (Even though I attended my own in a Chincoteague T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.) ... Someone in Beverly Hills, California actually has some common-sense! The city council there has passed a law making it illegal to de-claw cats! Hallelujah!!!! ... Our temperatures are supposed to reach the low 50s today, so, hopefully, more of the snow will melt and it won't be such an adventure to walk the Rs by Friday. But, the weather folks are saying that we might get some snow again this weekend; we shall see. Please enjoy yourselves as much as you are able! Life is too short to always be staid and sober all the time! Laugh! Have fun!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lutheran Church at Gylling, Denmark

View from the west of the Lutheran Church at Gylling, Denmark
Norse Christening/Baptismal Fount (circa 1350) used in the church at Gylling

The Triptych above the altar in the Gylling Kirke

An ancient Norse rune stone which is within the church; the inscription reads: "Toki Troel's son raised this stone in memory of ...a good (thegn/dreng?) and 'risbiik' his brother." - Apparently 'risbiik' is still untranslatable.
**The above photos were taken by Nils Jepsen in 2006 at Gylling, Denmark. They may not be used commercially. **
This church is where my great-great-grandfather Andres Pedersen was christened, as well as four generations of his fore-bears. It gives me chills to think about how many generations and how many people have been baptized/christened in that fount.

Critters and The Dust Bowl

It's another chilly morning - 25 degrees - outside. Cloudy has already gone out to explore, while Shady poked his head out and then curled up on his favorite pillow. I really had to laugh at Cloudy yesterday - I was doing research at this desk, and she walked into the room; so I stuck my left hand down at just about her chin level, and made no other move. She strolled over, rubbed against my hand, then hissed and batted it. Then she stroked herself against it again - and then hissed at it again. I still did not move. She spent about five minutes rubbing herself and scratching herself with my hand, but after each encounter, she had to hiss at the hand in a menacing manner - it was laughable! My kits didn't stay out long yesterday morning, and I'll bet they will be eager to get outside this afternoon when I return home. I did miss my kits last night... I watched the two new episodes of The Prisoner, and then I watched American Experience, which had a very good report on the Dust Bowl. What intrigued me in the report on the Dust Bowl, was the fact that two of the ladies that were interviewed lived (and grew up) in Guymon and Hooker, Oklahoma. That's where my Grandfather had his farm until he moved back to Kansas in 1931 - was his move caused by the drought, or the first dust storm? All I know is they moved back to north-eastern Kansas, where they were able to farm and make a living. I had not heard of, nor read about, the "dust pneumonia" that took so many lives during that time - and I cried when the lady from Hooker blamed herself for her brother's death because she had contracted measles at school, her brother had the measles at home and then had three bouts of pneumonia before he died. It was very sad and disturbing.

I had a good walk with Rosie and Remy yesterday, and look forward to another today. I only slipped once on ice yesterday, and as soon as I started to make my exclamation, both dogs stopped and stood so that they actually held me up. They are awfully smart! ... Bobby Frankel, the thoroughbred race horse trainer known for his use of expletives, passed away yesterday after a 9-month battle with leukemia, at the age of 68. ... There are two camps setting up for The Horse of the Year honors - one for Zenyatta, the other for the filly Rachel Alexandra. Both girls beat the boys this year; but I support Zenyatta, unbeaten winner of 14 straight races. ... As usual, we have some wacky things happening in our state: yesterday a man returned to his home in Golden after work, only to find an man unknown to him (wearing the owner's own boxer shorts and nothing else) making himself at home. This intruder had apparently been there all day, as he had washed several loads of his own clothes, placed his beer in the refrigerator, showered, reorganized some of the furniture - and had even "been helpfully gracious" with two sets of people who came to view the house (as it's on the market and has a realtor's box on the door). The real owner called the police and when they arrived, the impostor claimed that he owned the house and not the owner. To make a long story short, it was found that the impostor had brought supplies into the garage for making crystal meth, and he has a criminal record. What a thing to come home to!! - I'll probably be posting my photo choices in the afternoons, from the comfort of Lovey and Banichi's company. Have a good day!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday Photo Ops

Petesvik, west of Gotland

Petesvik, west of Gotland, Sweden (Gee, it looks like Chincoteague!)

R04p02 - Sweden - Gotland

A windmill on the hill above Wisby, Gotland, Sweden

Romeo, 2 months, Dynamite, TB colt, 1 month old

Romeo and Dynamite - Go, Colts, go!

White Cat

In memory of Boo Remling - may he stroll forever in catnip meadows.


I must confess that I was disappointed by The Prisoner on AMC. I had realized that it was up-dated and had a man with "top secret" knowledge who had resigned from his job waking up to find himself in The Village. Ian McKellen is a nicely spooky Number 2. Honestly, I was bored. I guess I know the old series too well, and the few twists and wrinkles that were in the new episodes seemed to be nothing compared to the original. Ah, well.... I still enjoyed Ian McKellen. I also loved the Colts-Patriots game last night. Wow! With the winning touchdown tying the score with 13 seconds left in the game, and then the extra point winning the game - it was quite exciting. Especially since I was cheering for the Colts, who won. And I also saw and enjoyed the second part of The Islands of Britain yesterday. I had no idea that the publican on the island of Piel was crowned King of the island! - It's 15 degrees outside with a windchill of 5. The sun is shining and we should hit 40 today, with high 40s and mid-50s the rest of the week; it should be nice. Besides watching football, I spent this weekend cleaning up in the apartment; I did six loads of laundry, emptied and scrubbed the litter boxes with bleach (then refilled them, of course), and emptied the 'fridge and freezer and defrosted it. I still have a few piles of paper to sort through (99% of which will land in the recycle bin) and then when we have some good weather and I'm at home again, I'll scrub and wax the floors. Oooph! It's awful being domestic! - And my heart goes out to my best friend of many years, Carolyn. Carolyn is an animal person, just like me. Last night, she lost one of her young cats; Boo snuggled up in bed with her, twitched a bit, and was gone. The only consolation I can find in this is that he didn't suffer; but his buddy Odie is going to miss him terribly, as will Carolyn and Greg. Boo was a snow white cat, no touch of color on him; so if you think you see a white flash of movement from the corner of your eye, it's probably Boo peeking in on you.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


My bed

Odder the cat


Oddere near Silkeborg, Denmark

eastcoach beach near Odder

An east-coast beach and the Baltic Sea near Odder, Denmark

Aarhus, Denmark

Cottage on the coast, Aarhus,Denmark