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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Chincoteague Pony Auction Results - 2019 (And a New Foal Today!)

First, Sweetheart and Legacy produced a buckskin pinto colt this morning.  First seen and photographed by Captain Dan Davis...

Sixty-two foals were born prior to the annual Pony Penning week (this year, July 20 - 27; in 2020, from 25 through 31 July).  Even though the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company does everything possible to preserve and protect the ponies and foals, we do, occasionally, lose a few due to birth defects and/or natural causes, like lightning and quicksand.  We lost four babies this year - Kimball's Rainbow Delight foal, and colts out of Destiny's Feathering Spirit, Surfin' Chantel, and Seaside Miracle.  Here are photos of the foals we lost:
Destiny's colt

Chantel's colt

Seaside's colt

The only sighting of Rainy's foal...

Also, the first foal to arrive on the shore of Chincoteague from the Pony Swim on Wednesday, is designated King or Queen Neptune (according to its sex), and is raffled off by the CVFC.  This year we had a Queen Neptune - the daughter of Doc Amrien and Effie's Papa Bear (Hoppy):

Here are photos of the foals from the 94th Pony Auction presented by the CVFC, with their selling price, whether they were a designated "Buy Back" or for a Feather Fund recipient, and/or any newly given names by the new owners.  these photos are shown in the order in which the ponies were sold, not the order of their birth.  Seven of the foals are to be picked up in October, during the Fall Round-Up; those seven foals and the Buy Back foals and all of the mothers were turned out into the southern compartment of Assateague's CNWR on Friday.  -  Also, please note that all of the following photos were taken by, and belong to DSC Photography of Greenbackville, Virginia.  If you wish to look at their incredible selection of Chincoteague Pony and wildlife photos, and/or to purchase any of their photos, please visit:

Auction Foal 1 - colt out of Catwalk Chaos, $3,900

Auction Foal 2 - filly out of Gingersnap, $3,400

 Auction Foal 3 - colt out of Checkers, $1,600

Auction Foal 4 - filly out of Tiger Lily (Waterbaby), $2,100

Auction Foal 5 - filly out of Bling Bling, $1,400

Auction Foal 6 - filly out of Danny's Girl Splash, $16,000
Buy Back; named Sissy
($16,000 donated to the United Way of the Eastern Shore)

Auction Foal 7 - colt out of Randy, $4,800

Auction Foal 8 - filly out of Precious Jewel, $1,600

Auction Foal 9 - colt out of Zustan, $2,300

 Auction Foal 10 - filly out of Kimmee Sue, $1,600
Buy Back; named Sue's Crown of Hope
Call name: Hope

Auction Foal 11 - colt out of WitchKraft (Friendly Girl), $1,800

Auction Foal 12 - colt out of Poco's Starry Night, $5,900
Fall pick up

 Auction Foal 13 - colt out of CJ SAMM'N, $1,900

Auction Foal 14 - filly out of Tuleta Star, $3,000

 Auction Foal 15 - filly out of Shy Anne (Half 'n' Half), $1,800

 Auction Foal 16 - colt out of Little Bit o' Joansie, $2,200

Auction Foal 17 - filly out of WH Winter Moon, $15,000
Buy Back; first Misty descendant born wild on Assateague

 Auction Foal 18 - colt out of Marguerite, $4,000

 Auction Foal 19 - colt out of Jean Bonde's Bayside Angel, $10,000
Fall pick up

Auction Foal 20 - filly out of Loveland's Secret Feather, $3,000
Auction Foal 21 - filly out of Thunderstorm Skies, $7,500
Buy Back; named Sunny Skies After the Storm
Call name: Sunny Skies

Auction Foal 22 - filly out of Saltwater Taffee (Too Grand), $6,300
Fall pick up

 Auction Foal 23 - colt out of Sweet Jane (Duckie), $2,300

 Action Foal 24 - colt out of Poco Latte, $2,400

Auction Foal 25 - filly out of Leah's Bayside Angel, $2,000

Auction Foal 26 - filly out of Skylark, $6,400
Buy Back

Auction Foal 27 - filly out of Misty Mills, $3,300

 Auction Foal 28 - colt out of Gracie, $3,200

 Auction Foal 29 - colt out of Surfer Dude's Gidget, $4,000

Auction Foal 30 - colt out of Kachina, $2,700
Fall pick up

 Auction Foal 31 - filly out of Black Pearl, $17,500
Buy Back; named Dexter's Midnight Runner
Call name: Dexie

 Auction Foal 32 - colt out of WH Wildfire, $3,500
Fall pick up; Feather Fund
(second Misty descendant born in the wild on Assateague)

Auction Foal 33 - colt out of CLG Surfer's Blue Moon, $3,900
Fall pick up

Auction Foal 34 - filly out of Two Teague's Taco, $10,500
Buy Back

 Auction Foal 35 - filly out of Alice's Sandcastle, $2,300

Auction Foal 36 - colt out of Miracle's Natural Beauty, $16,500
Buy Back

 Auction Foal 37 - colt out of Sonny's Legacy, $6,400

Auction Foal 38 - colt out of Lorna Dune, $3,000

Auction Foal 39 - colt out of Suede, $2,200

 Auction Foal 40 - filly out of Two Teagues Golden Girl, $2,300

Auction Foal 41 - filly out of Judy's Little Smooch, $3,700
Fall pick up; named Smooch's Little Anahita 

 Auction Foal 42 - colt out of Milly Sue, $2,100

 Auction Foal 43 - filly out of A Splash of Freckles, $7,400
Buy Back; named Good Golly Miss Molly
Call name: Molly

 Auction Foal 44 - filly out of Dreamer's Gift, $4,500
Feather Fund; named Dreamer's Wings of Hope
Call name: Wings

 Auction Foal 45 - colt out of Little Miss Sunshine, $1,700

Auction Foal 46 - colt out of JABATAA, $2,300

 Auction Foal 47 - filly out of Tunie (Queenie), $2,500

 Auction Foal 48 - colt out of Got Milk, $4,500
Feather Fund; named Riptide's Red White and Blue
Call name: Patriot

 Auction Foal 49 - colt out of Suzy's Sweetheart, $3,600

Auction Foal 50 - colt out of White Saddle, $2,000
Named Icebreaker

 Auction Foal 51 - filly out of Anne Bonny, $12,500
Buy Back

 Auction Foal 52 - colt out of Summer Breeze, $2,900

 Auction Foal 53 - colt out of Chickadee, $2,900

 Auction Foal 54 - filly out of Surfer Princess, $5,000

 Auction Foal 55 - filly out of Grandma's Dream, $4,000

 Auction Foal 56 - colt out of Baybe, $4,700

 Auction Foal 57 - filly out of May's Grand Slam, $10,000
Buy Back

Foals born after Pony Penning are generally sold at the Fall Round-Up, which is scheduled for October 18 and 19 this year.  Last year, the foals were sold via a mail-in "Silent Auction."  I do not know how the sale will be conducted this year...