Saturday, November 28, 2009

Brandi, Lizzie, Maggie and Ooch - Oh, My!

I am typing with an Ooch in my lap, and have already taken Lizzie and Brandi out for their separate walks, plus feeding everybody (including Maggie). I don't feel great, but I'm alive and kickin'. Had half a ham sandwich for lunch yesterday, and grilled a small steak and some asparagus for dinner. And I limited my Coca-Cola intake to 6 ounces... I feel much better today than I did yesterday. Guess I'm heading back to a more regimented diet. - I had no idea that the CU/Nebraska game was nationally televised yesterday. I took a look at the blue skies on camera and glanced out the windows in the den, and said, "Yep. That's our view." - The weather has been gorgeous: up in the mid- and upper-60s the past two days, but we're expecting snow after 7 this evening. All of the kids I'm sitting have been excellent, but it will be nice to have Lovey and Banichi with me tonight (I'm beginning to sound a lot like Bilbo Baggins). I think I'm going to take myself out to the movies in mid-December; the ads for Avatar have me hooked. Not much else going on. Will try to be more myself tomorrow. Take care!

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