Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Critters and The Dust Bowl

It's another chilly morning - 25 degrees - outside. Cloudy has already gone out to explore, while Shady poked his head out and then curled up on his favorite pillow. I really had to laugh at Cloudy yesterday - I was doing research at this desk, and she walked into the room; so I stuck my left hand down at just about her chin level, and made no other move. She strolled over, rubbed against my hand, then hissed and batted it. Then she stroked herself against it again - and then hissed at it again. I still did not move. She spent about five minutes rubbing herself and scratching herself with my hand, but after each encounter, she had to hiss at the hand in a menacing manner - it was laughable! My kits didn't stay out long yesterday morning, and I'll bet they will be eager to get outside this afternoon when I return home. I did miss my kits last night... I watched the two new episodes of The Prisoner, and then I watched American Experience, which had a very good report on the Dust Bowl. What intrigued me in the report on the Dust Bowl, was the fact that two of the ladies that were interviewed lived (and grew up) in Guymon and Hooker, Oklahoma. That's where my Grandfather had his farm until he moved back to Kansas in 1931 - was his move caused by the drought, or the first dust storm? All I know is they moved back to north-eastern Kansas, where they were able to farm and make a living. I had not heard of, nor read about, the "dust pneumonia" that took so many lives during that time - and I cried when the lady from Hooker blamed herself for her brother's death because she had contracted measles at school, her brother had the measles at home and then had three bouts of pneumonia before he died. It was very sad and disturbing.

I had a good walk with Rosie and Remy yesterday, and look forward to another today. I only slipped once on ice yesterday, and as soon as I started to make my exclamation, both dogs stopped and stood so that they actually held me up. They are awfully smart! ... Bobby Frankel, the thoroughbred race horse trainer known for his use of expletives, passed away yesterday after a 9-month battle with leukemia, at the age of 68. ... There are two camps setting up for The Horse of the Year honors - one for Zenyatta, the other for the filly Rachel Alexandra. Both girls beat the boys this year; but I support Zenyatta, unbeaten winner of 14 straight races. ... As usual, we have some wacky things happening in our state: yesterday a man returned to his home in Golden after work, only to find an man unknown to him (wearing the owner's own boxer shorts and nothing else) making himself at home. This intruder had apparently been there all day, as he had washed several loads of his own clothes, placed his beer in the refrigerator, showered, reorganized some of the furniture - and had even "been helpfully gracious" with two sets of people who came to view the house (as it's on the market and has a realtor's box on the door). The real owner called the police and when they arrived, the impostor claimed that he owned the house and not the owner. To make a long story short, it was found that the impostor had brought supplies into the garage for making crystal meth, and he has a criminal record. What a thing to come home to!! - I'll probably be posting my photo choices in the afternoons, from the comfort of Lovey and Banichi's company. Have a good day!

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