Monday, November 2, 2009

Family Trees

It's gorgeous outside, and we're supposed to reach 60 degrees today - a real heat wave! I'll be heading out shortly to return all my library books, walk Rosie and Remy, and make a deposit at the bank. The Broncos didn't win yesterday (as a matter of fact, they were terrible), but I enjoyed watching Percy Harvin and the Vikings defeat the Packers. I was able to get my Mom's family tree on-line yesterday, joining my Dad's, and my husband and step-son's... if you're interested, they can be viewed at: (Mom's tree) (Dad's tree) (Jeff and Kevin's tree)

All of them are still "works in progress" and if anyone sees a mistake or has an addition, I'll be happy to correct and/or add to the collection. I need to add the Lancaster side on Dad's tree and to flesh out the Clevelands, and I need to add the rest of the Chincoteague info I have to Mom's. Kevin's tree needs to have more of his Dutch and English ancestry added from New York state. And I would love to add information about my daughter-in-law, Etoye Johnson Devine. I hope to soon start putting together my brother-in-law's family tree, so that, too can be shared - Jim has a lot of interesting relatives from England, New England, Germany and Ireland. - My biggest problem, is that once I find a lead on someone, I don't want to stop investigating for anything, and that includes eating, drinking, and doing my other jobs. So, a warning to those of you who have not yet discovered this fact: Genealogy can be addictive! Have a good week!

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