Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Giggle

A beautiful but cool day is in store - not quite as cool as in Gunnison, with its canyon and deep river valley - but still, a good 15 degrees cooler than yesterday (60). Alexy's yard is still snowy, but my backyard is clear now. My poor neighbor Keith came to the rescue of my History Book Club package Friday evening, so we had another encounter; and I told him that I wasn't expecting anything else, package-wise. He had left a note under the door for me, and I was going to knock on his door at 10 yesterday morning, but he saw the kits watching Riley chew on a pig ear, so he knew I was home and came to my place a little sooner. He's without family here in Boulder, so I've invited him to Thanksgiving dinner at the Snow gathering. Since my HBC box arrived, all I have to do is purchase stocking stuffers for the family for Christmas, and I'm done with all of my shopping and making of presents this year. I have found that I can only work on my craft items when (a) I'm at home and the kits are otherwise engaged and (b) when I'm house-sitting in a dogs-only home; needlepoint yarn, cross-stitch floss, needles, thread and cloth pieces are just too much fun for any cat to ignore. - And I laughed myself silly this morning: I glanced through a Bed Bath & Beyond sales flyer and was brought to a complete halt by a gift item called "The Mangroomer". It's an electric razor on a bent and extendable arm that men are to use to shave their backs! I can see a man using it if he is an Olympic calibre swimmer, or if he's a movie star and doesn't want the public to know that he grows hair on his back... But, come on!! Body hair isn't gross and disgusting - it's there for a purpose, and I think that hair growth patterns are fascinating - whether on human males or on any critter. - I guess my brain power is at a low, because I can't think of anything else to natter on about. So... have a good day!

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