Sunday, November 1, 2009

Have You Set Your Time-Pieces Back?

After all the wailings and warnings, Boulder police arrested one person last night. The folks who participated in the Naked Pumpkin Race wore bikinis or thongs; a crowd turned out, as usual, on the Pearl Street Mall, but there was no outrageous partying; and after the big loss by CU, I think most Buffs fans "celebrated" quietly and indoors. So, after we've all been pumped up by police prophesying, nothing happened. Mizzou won, Gators won, and the Gamecocks lost (rats!). All is peaceful and quiet here in mid-down-town Boulder - except for a few raucous ravens and the squirrels that are fighting over the nuts on my patio. Lovey and Banichi are watching the squirrels with interest, but are still disgusted that the ground is so wet. There are still streaks of snow in the backyard, but the snow/grass ratio is about 50/50 - it's already 54 degrees here, so I expect the rest of the snow will melt by sundown. - I must say that the western skyline is an impressive snow-piled bulwark... but with a week of temperatures in the 60s ahead of us, I have a feeling the snow will gradually disappear before our next storm.

I think with the rise in temperatures, I'll put Fred out on the patio during the day - he can use a little extra warmth and sunlight before being buttoned back up on his shelf by the window. (But I can't forget and leave him outside - I don't think he's been any cooler than 55 since he was just a young sprig.) And I need to re-weave some of his vines; they are poking out every which way. I hope to get Mom's family tree on-line by tomorrow morning; then I'll make everyone crazy by listing all three family websites (just in case any one is interested). I still love discovering ancestors, distant cousins, etc. My favorite part is finding new and/or unusual names that tickle my fancy. And having relatives with the following names, I can hardly make fun of anyone else: Eight-one Lancaster; Hatevil Hall; Hepzibah Starbuck Hussey; and, if ancient genealogies can be trusted, there's also Marmaduke de Thwang and Thorkill Skullcrusher... I am still in search of my Swedish great-grandparents and their other son - I have Anglicized names for them, but no place of birth other than Sweden - and I'm not sure of Uncle Ben's surname.... Oh, well. I am very lucky that these are the things that perplex me the most at this time!! Have a wonderful All Saints' Day!

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