Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ian McKellen and Scandinavia

There is about 8 inches of snow in the backyard at this time; and I don't know what path he took, but Gimpy was here at 7 this morning, even though I could not see any path or holes in the snow that was within view. Gimpy consumed half a bowl of peanuts before disappearing. The weather guys are saying we'll get another 2 to 4 inches of snow before it stops falling late this afternoon. I've been out walking already, and have picked up the Sunday paper for coupons and the TV schedule. Lovey and Banichi ran outside and ran right back in this morning. We hope to reach 30 degrees as a high today; but tomorrow it will be sunny and warmer, so I'm not worried. I start taking care of Alexy's cats tomorrow; then head to the Barreras' and also stop in for Ooch twice a day. One of my clients is having surgery done in Kansas City, and we're trying to find a time when both of us are free, so I can care for Silver while she's away.

Ian McKellen is portraying Number 2 in the new Prisoner series. It will debut on AMC tonight at 8 p.m. (EST) and will be on for 2 hours. The second and third installments, both 2 hours long, will air at 8 p.m. on Monday and Tuesday. While the original used Hotel Portmeirion in Wales for exterior shots, the new Prisoner was filmed in South Africa and Namibia. If you like Ian McKellen and/or are interested in this new Prisoner, I recommend you visit : It will be very interesting to see this new re-working of the old series. Patrick McGoohan certainly made my mind follow all sorts of ideas, tracks, theories, and scenarios with the original series; I hope to be similarly captivated and entertained with this series. ... I am still having a great time exploring my Scandinavian heritage. In Denmark, my great-great-grandfather's family lived for almost 200 years in the same village, Gylling. The church of Gylling was built in the 11th and 12th centuries, so I could visit A. Pedersen's christening spot. The small community is in East Jutland, south east of Aarhus, and what's funny (in my mind, anyway) is that the closest town is Odder. So if you'd like to see what's around Gylling on the internet, you visit: Odder sits at the confluence of two streams, and the name Odder is the plural of the word odde which indicates a tongue of land between two streams. (Of course, this does not make me any less odd.) And I'm still poking around in south-east Sweden trying to find the roots of the Johnson family.... It just takes time. Have a great Sunday!!

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