Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kits; No Access

There will be sporadic, if any, blogging from now through Saturday... I do not have internet access at Lizzie and Maggie's house. Today, tomorrow, and Friday, I'll be walking the Rs twice daily; tomorrow I need to make the base of my fruit tart, as well as purchasing all the berries I'll need for the berry platter for Thanksgiving. Jim and I are going to his sister's house at some time on Thursday morning - we'll take my fruit and K & J's food contribution, as well as extra chairs and tables for the group. Kathy has to work until 1 p.m. at Sunflower, so niece Sarah will pick her up at that time and charge out to Longmont to join the rest of us. I got mixed up on the wedding on Friday - it's Jim's sister Frannie who is marrying Corky - they currently live somewhere outside of Chicago, and will be staying with Kathy and Jim while they are in town. (Laura is still dating Jim, her main squeeze for the past 3 years.) On Friday evening I hope/plan to make some of my fruit n' berry scones, to share with friends. Saturday night I get to return home and once again sleep at night in my own bed with my own kits. I will finish taking care of Lizzie and Maggie May, and Brandi on Saturday; then I have to care for Ooch Sunday morning. On Monday, I just return to the walk the Rs routine. The kits are watching me intently today - Lovey is sitting between the keyboard and the monitor, while Banichi is sprawled on the bed. I walked Lizzie this morning, then I walked the fence line in her backyard; then we got into a tennis ball game, and that turned into a tug-of-war with her stuffed lion. Then I grabbed Rosie and Remy and we had a nice hour with about 10 extra minutes at the end of it, playing with Suki and Boo. Then I came home to my kits, and I'll be leaving aagin within the next hour... I can not complain about having work and being able to pay my bills - but I'd like to stay at home and love my own kits for a while.... But that will happen next month. I'm home for the first 3 weeks of December, and then am house-sitting from Boxing Day until the 5th of January. Aaahhhhhhhh...... Please enjoy your Thanksgivings! (This just in case I don't get to blog tomorrow.)

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