Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lutheran Church at Gylling, Denmark

View from the west of the Lutheran Church at Gylling, Denmark
Norse Christening/Baptismal Fount (circa 1350) used in the church at Gylling

The Triptych above the altar in the Gylling Kirke

An ancient Norse rune stone which is within the church; the inscription reads: "Toki Troel's son raised this stone in memory of ...a good (thegn/dreng?) and 'risbiik' his brother." - Apparently 'risbiik' is still untranslatable.
**The above photos were taken by Nils Jepsen in 2006 at Gylling, Denmark. They may not be used commercially. **
This church is where my great-great-grandfather Andres Pedersen was christened, as well as four generations of his fore-bears. It gives me chills to think about how many generations and how many people have been baptized/christened in that fount.

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