Monday, November 23, 2009

Moving Three Doors Down

Alexy is due home this evening, and I will be moving three doors to the east late this afternoon, to reside with Lizzie and Maggie May over Thanksgiving. Cloudy actually loved my hand without hissing, batting and/or biting it yesterday; it seemed like a break through. Shady spent yesterday afternoon , evening, and last night curled up with me; Cloudy would stalk by and look at us, but she never stopped. It's overcast this morning, and we hope to reach 39 degrees today. As there is a nice little breeze, I will be wearing a hat when I walk the Rs and continue on home to my kits for their visit. Yesterday, Lovey and Banichi and I snuggled up together in my reading chair for almost three hours (this after I had fed them, let them out, cleaned the litter boxes, and fed Gimpy). I have to admit I fell asleep with the kits during the Redskins - Cowboys game; the kits are just so warm and relaxing, and when both of them are purring I have a tendency to nod off with them. I also saw the Broncos collapse against Philip Rivers and the Chargers; it was hard to watch. Then I watched the Eagles and the Bears, taking time out to watch the third and last episode of The Islands of Britain in the middle of the game. I was extremely happy that the Eagles defeated the Bears, even while I was wishing that the British Isles series hadn't been so short. (I think I would like to live on Sark.) It definitely piqued my interest in some of the islands, but there was so much that was simply skipped over... I think that I will have access to a computer while staying at the new house; if not, this blog will occur only when I have time to write and choose photos while I'm at home (where I am due to return on the 29th) visiting the kits and cleaning house. I know that I have unlimited US calling while I'm at the new house, so if I can't blog, I'll be calling some of you. - Oh, the man who contacted me regarding some of Jeffrey's West Virginia cousins is not related; he is working for an oil company and is trying to trace heirs to some mineral and oil rights in Wetzel County. I have to admit I never thought I'd be contacted by someone regarding a legacy when I started out playing with family trees! - The ski resorts in north and north central Colorado are mostly open now, and what isn't open today will open on Friday. The only reason I'm noting this is because that area will be getting between 4 and 9 inches of snow today - the passes already have chain laws in effect and I-70 was closed for 3 hours early this morning due to a sliding jack-knifed truck. We are expecting a slow warm-up through Friday, with excellent driving conditions; if one stays out of the mountains. - Have a good week!

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