Thursday, November 12, 2009

Odds and Ends

I had a blast walking the Rs yesterday, we went to the nursing home and then wandered through the neighborhood before stopping for a 10-minute romp with Suki and Boo. I'll be walking the kids late this afternoon as they are going to see the groomer today, and I'll being seeing my therapist during our usual walk time. - Chincoteague and Assateague are getting pounded by the remnants of Ida; they are under a Flood Watch, High Winds Watch, and a boating warning. Last night they had wind gusts from the east-nor'east at 60 mph, and with a nasty surf and rip tides, I'd say they're going to lose large amounts of the beach again. When there was weather like this when Mom was a youngster, they'd roll up the rugs and carry them upstairs, turn off the electricity at the fuse box, move all electric things upstairs, break out the old chamberpots, and tie the family dinghy up to the front porch. I wonder if there'll be a new high tide mark in the house after this storm? - Sabi has been found. Sabi is a black Lab, a trained bomb-sniffing dog attached to an Australian unit serving in Afghanistan. In September 2008, the unit was caught in a terrible fire-fight with insurgents; at the end of the battle, Sabi was missing in action. Fourteen months later, he has been returned to his unit and is in good condition, having been found at "a distant outpost" in the hills by the US Army. If he tests out as disease free, he'll be headed home to Australia for some R & R. - And yesterday I met a young lady who plays the euphonium. She climbed aboard the bus and sat opposite me with a somewhat large carrying case that had a rounded bell on the end/side I could see. Being terribly nosy (curious?) I asked what she played - and she told me about her euphonium. I found it very interesting, and, once we arrived at the bus station, she willingly played a few notes on her horn for me. Mmmm - nice sound; smooth, warm, mellow, velvety. I thoroughly enjoyed my music lesson yesterday! - It's sunny and warm out today; we have a front coming in tomorrow and are expecting a rain and snow mix with snow on Saturday and Sunday. The kits are running in and out, chasing each other, and Gimpy has already cleaned out the peanut bowl, so I need to re-fill it. Hope you have a good day!

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