Friday, November 27, 2009


I am sick as a dog, so please forgive me for not answering e-mail and/or phone calls. I think my days of sugar and caffeine are over, and that I'm headed for a diabetic diet... There were 47 of us who sat down for Thanksgiving yesterday - if nephew Mike and his lady Allison, and niece Sarah's Michael had attended it would have been 50. I met some of the boys' new female friends (3), and Tracey's Mom, Edna, has moved out to Longmont, too. Kent and Maria brought down their two teens from South Dakota, and Jennica and her friend Josh came in from Washington state. Frannie and Corky will get married at 3:30 this afternoon at the Old Grange in Niwot. ... Lizzie and Maggie May and I are getting along well. I can't wait for Saturday night when I get to sleep at home in my own bed, with Lovey and Banichi, though. My kits seem to be fine, and I'm gonna be here with them for a few hours. CU is playing the Nebraska Cornhuskers at home today with a 1:30 kick-off. Our parking lot, and the one across Folsom, are full of Husker fans. ...
Take care, everyone; I'm going to lay down with my kits.

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