Monday, November 30, 2009

Sleepy Tyme

Wow. I spent most of yesterday in bed and asleep, with Banichi and Lovey curled up on top of me. I woke up enough to watch the Vikings game, and then I spoke with Kathryn in Florida for almost two hours. Then I started reading a book of Swedish folk tales and drifted on back to sleep. I need to go to the apartments office and sign my lease extension today, go to the bank and make a deposit, make an appointment to see Dr. Ryan to renew my meds, and walk Remy and Rosie. The sun is again shining brightly this morning, and my kits are sunning on the patio, even though it's 32 out there, with a wind chill of 22 (brrrr!). But, then, the patio is keeping the westerly wind off of them. My brain is continuing to work on low power, so I'll keep this short.

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