Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Migraine

Today's posting is running a little late due to a miserable migraine. I was so involved with my family tree on Sunday evening that I missed the first part of The Islands of Britain on PBS, so I decided to see part one when it was shown again at 2 a.m. this morning. - I got up, turned on the TV, settled into my favorite chair, and awakened at 5 a.m. with a nasty headache, which progressed over the next two hours into a migraine. I medicated myself and went back to bed, after turning the ringer off at the phone. I never did see part one of the PBS program. But I plan on seeing the last two episodes on the next two Sunday evenings. Lovey is currently sitting between my keyboard and the monitor, so I'm hoping that I'm typing in a normal fashion. While the phone was off this morning, I received two calls - one asking me about pet-sitting, and the second was cousin Sarah telling e that she has found a new vehicle to replace her Ranger - the new one is a Jeep. I've returned the call to the pet-sitter hunter, and am cheering Sarah on, mentally. I know I mentioned Sarah's accident and how the airbag broke off her teeth - well, with the engine getting pushed up into the cab, she also has a bad knee - in a brace and on crutches... She's beginning to sound a lot like me - the great monument to the Walking Wounded! Not much else happening around here at the moment - Banichi is curled up in his closet nest, and I need to remember that I see my therapist on Thursday... Lovey just moved so I can proof-read this, thank goodness. Have a good day!

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