Monday, November 16, 2009


I must confess that I was disappointed by The Prisoner on AMC. I had realized that it was up-dated and had a man with "top secret" knowledge who had resigned from his job waking up to find himself in The Village. Ian McKellen is a nicely spooky Number 2. Honestly, I was bored. I guess I know the old series too well, and the few twists and wrinkles that were in the new episodes seemed to be nothing compared to the original. Ah, well.... I still enjoyed Ian McKellen. I also loved the Colts-Patriots game last night. Wow! With the winning touchdown tying the score with 13 seconds left in the game, and then the extra point winning the game - it was quite exciting. Especially since I was cheering for the Colts, who won. And I also saw and enjoyed the second part of The Islands of Britain yesterday. I had no idea that the publican on the island of Piel was crowned King of the island! - It's 15 degrees outside with a windchill of 5. The sun is shining and we should hit 40 today, with high 40s and mid-50s the rest of the week; it should be nice. Besides watching football, I spent this weekend cleaning up in the apartment; I did six loads of laundry, emptied and scrubbed the litter boxes with bleach (then refilled them, of course), and emptied the 'fridge and freezer and defrosted it. I still have a few piles of paper to sort through (99% of which will land in the recycle bin) and then when we have some good weather and I'm at home again, I'll scrub and wax the floors. Oooph! It's awful being domestic! - And my heart goes out to my best friend of many years, Carolyn. Carolyn is an animal person, just like me. Last night, she lost one of her young cats; Boo snuggled up in bed with her, twitched a bit, and was gone. The only consolation I can find in this is that he didn't suffer; but his buddy Odie is going to miss him terribly, as will Carolyn and Greg. Boo was a snow white cat, no touch of color on him; so if you think you see a white flash of movement from the corner of your eye, it's probably Boo peeking in on you.

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