Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Variety is the Spice of Life

Shady is surveying the office from atop the stereo above my head - we have been watching a young 2-spike buck wander across the backyard. Most of Alexy's backyard is still covered with a couple inches of snow, as is my backyard at the apartment. Boulder officially had 11.2 inches of snow this past weekend; shaded streets still have ice, slush and snow on them, and most yards still have an accumulation of the white stuff. My kits had a ball running in and out yesterday morning; Lovey was especially happy that she could "brand" me with her little muddy toes. Banichi spent 45 minutes sunning on the patio, and then came in and proceeded to spend an hour cleaning his feet. (Was it really worth that much work?) I wore my snow boots when walking Rosie and Remy yesterday afternoon - we were out wandering for over an hour; and, as usual, Rosie pulled on the way out, while Remy pulled on the way home. And I was serenaded by a Great Horned Owl for almost two hours last night - he sat in the pine at the window, where I was reading. It was enchanting. ... I laughed at the NCIS episode last night, as I remember very well how to run a mimeograph machine. I guess that makes me a brontosaurus like Gibbs. The only thing that troubles me is that Gibbs did not check the fluid-level in the drum before he made his copy - and the original sketch was not made on a mimeo-master. *sigh* I guess they can't always get everything right. ... It looks as if I'll be at the Snow gathering for Thanksgiving after all. Kathy (Jim's sister, not my sister) asked to bring my fruit and berry tray, and I said yes. Jim's sister Laura is getting married on Friday at the Niwot Grange building, and the whole crew from South Dakota is coming down for the weekend to celebrate with Laura and Corky. I'll probably stay home on Friday - I really don't have anything suitable to wear to a wedding! (Even though I attended my own in a Chincoteague T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.) ... Someone in Beverly Hills, California actually has some common-sense! The city council there has passed a law making it illegal to de-claw cats! Hallelujah!!!! ... Our temperatures are supposed to reach the low 50s today, so, hopefully, more of the snow will melt and it won't be such an adventure to walk the Rs by Friday. But, the weather folks are saying that we might get some snow again this weekend; we shall see. Please enjoy yourselves as much as you are able! Life is too short to always be staid and sober all the time! Laugh! Have fun!!

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