Friday, November 13, 2009

Weather, Rs , and Good Works

It's 37 degrees outside and we have already passed our high temperature of the day. It's grey and misty out, with water collecting on my glasses when I went out walking this morning. Yuck. The kits are chasing one another in and out through the patio door - I have it open about 6 inches, so they can get some running done and Gimpy can come in and eat. We're expecting snow beginning tonight and piling up through Sunday afternoon - actually, it's been so warm recently that most of the snow tonight and early tomorrow morning will just melt as it hits the ground. - Due to high tides and all the rain that Ida has brought to Virginia, the causeway from Chincoteague to the mainland was closed for 9 hours yesterday because it was under water. And currently there are about 155,000 homes without power on the Eastern Shore. Town officials say that the flooding should stop at two or three feet above normal. - I took Remy and Rosie out for their walk at 3 yesterday; my, they looked good! Their paw fur had been trimmed short, and judicious use of the clippers had shortened their feathers just a bit. Remy has so many cow licks over his back and body that I'm glad I don't have to clip him! Rosie, since her back surgery, has a shorter coat along her spine, while her feathers are very long and sun-bleached. They were both very happy to go out, having been at the groomer's for 6 hours - and we met three other dogs being walked, and had no barks or overt shows of hostility. In fact, the kids would spot the dog and walker first, look back at me, and then stop and sit about 20 feet away from the other walkers, so they could share a treat (and the dogs we met received some chicken jerky, too!). Since I've been walking the Rs late in the mornings, it's generally been sunny and warm out; yesterday afternoon, the shadows were spreading, and one could actually smell fall - damp leaves, turned earth, a spiciness from the juniper berries... it was pleasant, and very different from morning walks. - I feel a need to acknowledge Southwest Airlines in Denver. One of their officials saw a report on the local news about how little the local food banks have for Thanksgiving. The official started working the company big-wigs, and Southwest just donated 4100 frozen turkeys and a check for $50,000 to purchase other staples for the local homeless and needy. I am very appreciative of the gesture and gift. Have a good day today and a great weekend!

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